Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Freak shakes!

Hello everyone. This week has been super fun for us. But one day that stands out from the others is the day we went to a cafe called coffee heart in Lowestoft town centre. We went with the grandchildren and melody and had such a great  time. In the shop they do milk shakes that they call freak shakes.  There is also a selection of cakes and coffees/teas.  They also do gluten free cakes!

The freakshake!

They were delicious  The grandkiddlets loved them!
They were a milkshake,topped with ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and either pretzels or sweeties, topped with a donuts, topped with whipped cream!!!! Totally full of calories but totally acceptable as a treat with the children!
The Grandson enjoying his shake!

 The staff were friendly and extremely helpful. especially when GD2 had a accident and smashed her glass and all of the contents on the floor!

 All in all I would give coffee heart a big thumbs up and thank you for our lovely treat.  If you are in Lowestoft and find yourself looking for a treat Coffee heart can be found on London Road North by the pedestrian crossing.
Bye for now and see you all soon x

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