Sunday, 7 August 2016

Lazy summer days!

Hello everyone. Welcome back to our blog. In his younger days Mr PB was a keen cricketer.  Unfortunately he has given up playing but still enjoys watching.  We have spent most Saturdays this summer watching his local team from when he was a boy play cricket.

Its lovely to just sit relaxing and having a picnic while the children play and Mr PB enjoys the cricket.  I'm not into sport myself but I'm into relaxing a reading a good novel while everyone else is happy.  We have been meeting up with the in laws at the cricket so Melody has been spending some cherished time with grandma and grandad which is lovely.

Most of the games have been at local villages and undoubtedly where there is a village there will be trees!  So the children have been enjoying the opportunity to tree climb!

What better way is there to spend the summer months!  We have a few days out planned out for the rest of the summer.  Days out with the dogs, the grandchildren etc so I shall endeavour to take many pictures and upload them here.  The children are growing so fast that I want to just keep every memory of them that I can and where better to catalogue it but here!  I hope you have enjoyed today's blog and I hope you visit again really soon.  
Bye for now
Hales xx

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