Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Maybelline SUPERSTAY 14hr wear lipsticks

Hello everyone. welcome Back to our blog! Today I have a review for the Maybelline superstay 14hr wear lipsticks. I was very interested to try this as I have been looking for a long lasting lipstick to take me through the day.  I choose three different colours in the shades 260 always plum, 180 ultimate blush and 150 on and on pink.

 I tried the on and on pink first.  I was having a day out at the cricket so I thought it was a good opportunity to try out the longevity of the product.  I applied it at 9.30am and it glides on really nice and smooth.  The packaging that Ican only describe as Divine!  It smells kind of sweetie shop sweet if that makes sense!  The end of the lipstick is quite small and neat so perfect for those who have smaller lips.

 The colour is true on the lips and doesn't change upon applying.  I checked my makeup at 12pm and the lipstick was still in place.  It hadn't worn or smudged and was still as vibrant. 
I next checked my makeup at 2pm and the lipstick had started to wear.  I must point out that by this time i has eaten and drank so this could have contributed to the wear of the product on my lips.  But it was still there and still noticeable.  I could have reapplied at this point but i decided not to so I could give a true account.

We left cricket to go home approximately 4pm.  I checked my makeup in the car mirror and the lipstick had worn considerably.  But it was still on!  i was amazed.  If I'm honestI didn't expect the lipstick to last that long.  But It did.  By six o'clock we were home and I removed my makeup.  There was still traces of the lipstick but to be honest it was barely there.  I would say that in my opinion, for me,  this lipstick would not last fourteen hours but it lasted extremely well and I would definitely recommend it.  The only failure was that it left my lips feeling dry and I had to apply moisturiser to my lips the next day. Whether this is due to the ingredients that make this a long lasting lippy I am unsure.  there is a generous amount in the lipstick tube and at around £6 a lipstick its a absolute bargain.   I will definitely be purchasing some more in different shades as I'm so impressed.  If you would like more information on the product then please check out maybellines website here

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