Friday, 20 January 2017

Cold cold cold!

Hello lovlies!
 So the winter has come in. roaring like a lion in some parts of the UK! We live on the east Norfolk/Suffolk coast and rarely see any snow, but we get awful wind and ice. We've lost count of how many times we've had to replace the garden fence due to the wind. Its a problem that we have each year. However we are more blessed than most. Some people have huge snow drifts and are snowed in for days, others weeks.
 Older people find it hard to negotiate the pavements and roads due to the ice. I myself had a quite spectacular fall a couple of years ago on a patch of ice. That will go down in family history of one of the funniest highlights of my life!

 Animals too suffer in this weather. Birds find their watering holes iced over and food scarce. They find it hard to source food and in their weakened state become prey for stronger predators. All I guess the circle of life, but a shame never the less. The rise in domestic cats has seen local bird population reduce quite dramatically and we ourselves do not encourage birds into our garden because of the large population of cats in our area.

 All this said I do enjoy the winter months. The times when we are all safely snuggled in and drinking hot chocolate, the dark nights when you can snuggle up all toasty warm with a good book and drown yourself in its stories. Lots of memories are made in these times. In the times when its too cold to go out memories are made as we play games and scrapbook. (one of our favourite things to do).

 So whatever your thoughts on the winter months, spare a thought for those less fortunate. For those who cant afford to effectively heat their home. Those who have to choose between heat and eat, and there is a growing number. Check up on elderly relatives, neighbours and friends. If you are going to the shop, check if they need anything. Yours could be the only face they see this week. Be good to yourself and keep warm!

 Bye for now Hales xxx

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