Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Family squabbles!

Hello everyone!

Loving your family is sometimes hard.
 There Ive said it!  Ive just popped it out there where the world can see on the interweb!

When we are young we have our differences and squabbles over things.  Someone stole your favourite lipstick! A sister borrowed your favourite skirt without asking! Your brother scraped your new bike.  All what we deem to be serious issues.  But all over in a flash.  although we may bicker and sulk for a few hours by the next morning it is all over and done with and forgotten about. (until the next time!)

However when you become a adult everything becomes a lot more serious.  A word spoken out of turn, jealousy over one person doing something or the other, accusations which are false.  It all becomes a melting pot of anger and frustration.  Sometimes things get so complex  that you don't know what even started the situation in the first place!

Issues arise and bystanders get caught up in the battle.

Yes sometimes its hard to love your family.  But you do and even through the hurts and nasty words there is a thread that bonds us to each other and cannot be broken nomatter how often we pull at it.
Its true, sometimes its hard to love your family, but you do and that's the bottom line.

Bye for now

Hales xxx

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