Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sick day!

Hello everyone. Well today is a sick day. The Grandson is poorly and what better way to spend the day than being waited on at Grandad and Grandmas! He is currently tucked up with colouring book and pencils with a snack of a jam donut and warm lemonade. What more could a four year old want?!
I remember sick days at my Nanny and Grandads.  I would be tucked up on the sofa and offered tomato soup and thick chunky slices of bread.  The bread would be smothered in butter and tasted delicious!  Nanny would be back and forth checking on me while doing her daily housework chores and the sound of the twin tub washing machine was never far away! Grandad was sat in the corner in "his" chair puffing away on his pipe.  (even now I cant smell pipe smoke without getting memories of being curled up on his lap)  If I had earache it was "cured" with warm olive oil, stomach problems were treated with the smallest amount of whiskey in water

 I look back on these days with a sense of fondness and nostalgia.  I loved those ties even though I was poorly, these were the best of times!  I hope my Grandchildren also look back in fondness on these special moments we share.

Bye for now!

Hales xx

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