Monday, 9 January 2017

We are going through changes!

So Ive tried many different styles on this blog. Ive tried blogging on family and friends, on crafting, on current affairs and on reviews. All of them have worked in their times but I seemed to go in fits and starts! I tend to binge post on certain subjects. This doesn't make for a consistent blog at all. And so I have come to the conclusion that this blog should not have a genre. It should be a eclectic mix of all the above and more! So I am just going to write on what ever is in my mind at the time. This could lose me some followers or (hopefully) gain me some, but I think this is the way forward for this blog.

 Crafty-Mum has evolved into The PB Family and I'm cool with that. I'm fine with the way I see this blog going and I hope that you are too. So watch out for many different kinds of posts on a eclectic mix of differing things! I hope you enjoy this and keep reading! I appreciate everyone who reads and I'm glad to have you along on this crazy journey!

 Bye for now!
Hales xxx


Seeing Spots said...

Welcome back to blogging. I wish you lots of luck and I think the new direction will work well for you x

ThePBFamily said...

thank you steph xx

Little Hels B said...

Just do whatever you enjoy writing Hales - looking forward to reading :) xx


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