Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Gucci bag dupe for £20!

Hi Lovelies! Little Miss PB Likes to watch Zoella. (Shes a youtuber. Her videos are aimed at young teenagers, early twenties type people) I was watching her the other night doing a favourites video and coveted a handbag that she has. So I thought why not look it up? You can find it here. 

Cough splutter!  I nearly passed out when I saw the price! £715.00!!
Yes that's seven hundred and fifteen pounds!  But I loved it!  There is no way my budget would stretch to even a quarter of that price.  If I'm honest not even a tenth!  So I set myself a mission.  Find myself a inexpensive dupe!
And find one I did!  Here

Picture from JD Williams website
Now I know its not exactly the same  but for me its a good dupe.  I ordered it and it arrived within three days. 
Picture from JD Williams website
I love the gold hard wear on the little pocket buckle. The front has a little pocket in the front perfect for holding your mobile phone or keys.  It has a secure buckle so would be difficult for pick pockets to access.  I also love the little tassel pull  on the zip.

It has a handy shoulder strap and this is adjustable with a buckle.  I just love this little bag!  At £20 its a lot cheaper than the Gucci one and just as stylish.  I shall wear my bag with pride.

Pop over to JD Williams and see their bags.  You wont be disappointed!

(this post was not sponsored by JD Williams. I was not paid for my opinion and I purchased the bag out of my own money.  All opinions are my own) 

Take care of yourselves
Bye for now
Hales xxx

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