Thursday, 2 February 2017

Imbolc and being a Christian

Hello lovelies!

The 2nd of February marks Imbolc.  For those who don't know it is a festival in the pagan calender.
It marks the breaking of winter and the coming spring.  We celebrate the return of the sun and look forward to the warmer weather and spring approaching.  To the daffodils and snow drops poking their heads through the soil and giving us a riot of colour to cheer our days.  As the warmer days appear we look forward to the spring equinox and all that brings.  Imbolc is kind of a halfway point between winter solstice and spring solstice.  Its a chance to spring clean and fling open the windows and let the fresh cold air flow through the house making the stale air from our homes (shut up over winter) blow away! 

We are Christians but we keep the festivals of the year.  I personally consider myself as a christian pagan.  Ive been told many times that this is a contradiction of terms but I believe not and let me tell you why.
The wheel of the year and the solstices etc are all naturally occurring events.  I believe God made the world and so any changes that are made to it (for example seasonal changes) are from him.  I believe that the Gods and Goddesses (mother nature etc) are in fact angels who look after the earth.  Angels were sent to earth to guard the gates of Eden to stop Adam and Eve returning, the Bible tells us this.  So we know that angels tread the earth.  I shall be burning a candle to celebrate the coming of warmer days and the fast approaching spring!

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