Monday, 20 February 2017

Miss PB does the disney tag!

Hi there.
Today Little Miss PB is doing the Disney tag.
Shes a big Disney fan so this took a while.  So here we go!

1.) Favourite Character – Merida

 2.) Favourite Princess – Merida

 3.) Favourite Heroine –Merida (I see a theme running through this!)

 4.) Favourite Prince – Flynn Ryder

 5.) Favourite Hero –  Hercules

 6.) Favourite Animal – Maximus the horse from Tangled

 7.) Favourite Sidekick –  Aboo from Aladin

 8.) Favourite Villain – Maleficent

 9.) Favourite Original Character –Minnie

 10.) Favourite Love Song –  I wont say I'm in love -Hercules

 11.) Favourite Song –Just cant wait to be king

 12.) Favourite Villain Song – Cruella de vil

 13.) Least Favourite Song –You can fly - Peter pan

14.) Favourite Kiss – None Its gross!

 15.) The First Movie You Saw –Cinderella

16.) Favourite Classic – Dumbo

 17.) Song that always gets stuck in your head – Hawaiian rollercoster ride

 18.) Favourite Pixar Film –Brave

 19.) Least Favourite Pixar Film –Cars

 20.) Favourite Sequel –Lion king 2

21.) Overrated Movie – Pirates of the Caribbean

 22.) Underrated Movie – The little mermaid

 23.) Movie That Makes You Laugh – Lion king

 24.) Movie That Makes You cry - Toy story

 25.) The Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie – Lion king when Mufasa dies.

 26.) Saddest Death – Mufasa

 27.) Favourite Quote –– Hakuna matata

 I hope you enjoyed the tag, please feel free to do this yourself ,  We'd love to see them.


Jules said...

What a fun idea. Unfortunately (whispers so Little Miss PB can't hear) I haven't heard of most of these! We haven't yet reached the Disney stage in this house. In a couple of years I'll probably know them all. 😊 X

ThePBFamily said...

The trouble is (I know from painful experience) children get fixated on one film and watch it on loop! Ive lost count of how many times Ive watched The Lion King!


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