Monday, 13 February 2017

Starbucks! Whats the hype?

Hello lovelies!

 So Saturday we went on a shopping trip. We had to have the car MOTed (which sailed straight through praise God!) then decided to stay in Great yarmouth and have a little impromptu shopping trip. I picked up a few stationary items from wilkos for my bullet journal. (which btw I'm loving!) Melody got a few bits for school and Nige walked away with a plastic container in which to store the cat food! (we know how to live the high life!) Melody convinced us that it would be a good idea to go to starbucks for a cuppa. We caved in although I would rather support a independent coffee shop, starbucks was nearer. |So in we went.

Firstly the seating.  Its all higgledy pigglety. Theres some sofas dotted around.  Some really small tables with four chairs and other bar type seating.  It was a struggle to find somewhere to sit.  Although this was mainly because it was a Saturday and very busy in the town.
So we got our drinks.  I had a tall cappachino, Nige had a flat white coffee and Melody had a hot chocolate with a caramel shot.  It came to £10.30. £10.30! £10.30!!!

For that price I wanted to keep the mugs and bring them home with me!  I couldn't believe it!  Now call me tight or call me frugal but that's extortion!  The coffee was lovely and you could taste the quality.  I guess in this life you get what you pay for but I wont be returning there in a hurry!
What are your thoughts on over priced coffee!

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