Thursday, 29 January 2009

hello everyone!

not done much crafting lately.
one by one the whols household has been struck down with this horrible flu virus thing!
i have got some lovely crafting stash in the sales and am determinded to get through it before i buy anymore!
yer right! lol!

i have my first proper order for card! YAY! my friends siter wants me to do her wedding invites. so i have to get working on them as she will need them in a couple of weeks
will post pictures when they are done.
princess is growing everyday and is has now decided she wants to be a crafter! as soon as i get on my desk she says "and me make grandmas card mummy" so im just in the process of making her a craft box of her own. i have to say that shes quite good at drawing for a 3 year old!

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