Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Essential oils

Hello lovelies! Coming to you again from a very cold Suffolk! Most morning Nige has to de-ice the car before the school run. I have to say though I do enjoy this type of weather. The lovely patterns the ice makes on the windows, the crunching of the frost underfoot, watching your breath escape your body in smoke effect curls! There is something special about having the family all gathered in in the evening and tucking in to casseroles and hot chocolate.  Its a time of year I have a great fondness for.

This week my Fibromyalgia has been particularly painful.  I find it is more painful during the damp weather.  So mostly I have been relaxing and snuggling up with books or reading blogs.

A friend of mine recently sent me some essential oil blends to try for pain relief.  I tried a rather smelly concoction on my legs as they had been particularly painful.  I hadn't been able to sleep due to the pain but I thought id give the oil a try.  I had the BEST nights sleep ever!  The oils soothed my legs and after a while the smell wasn't that bad after all.

Now my friend is part of a organisation called young living.  So having been so impressed with the results I duly signed up to their website.  I quickly found out its somewhat of a pyramid scheme.  The starter kit is a cool £95.00!
Something I'm not at all interested  in.  But I liked the effects of the oils.  So Ive decided to give the essential oil thing ago.  Ive purchased some oils and along with the ones I already own (things like Lavender & Tea Tree) I am building quite a collection up.  I have ordered a guide to essential oils from amazon.  It can be found here.  I am still waiting for it to arrive so I will review it when it does.  I have the crystal book in the same range and it is a through and comprehensive guide so I'm hoping it will be the same.
I intend to use the oils and oil mixtures for pain relief.  To be honest the prescribed drugs aren't doing too much so I'm up for trying a alternative.  I will let you know how I fare!

Do you use essential oils to ease pain or for other areas in your life?  If so please comment below as I would love to hear tried and tested recipes!

Bye for now

Hales xx

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