Tuesday, 5 October 2010

chocolate orange cake!

I recently made a christening cake for my niece read about it here
They gave me a box of chocolate orange as a present and its been sat in my fridge willing me to use it! In fact Im sure I heard it shout to me once!
 Picture for readers overseas who may not know what I'm talking about!

Now people who know me will know how hard it is for me to resist chocolate! In fact you maybe surprised that after all this time it is still in my fridge!
However it was and today was the day to use it.  i made a chocolate orange cake!  It lasted all of three minutes before my husband saw it and cut himself a piece!  Never mind.
It was good while it lasted!

Here is the cake and I have to say it tastes fantastic!  Yum!
  I under cooked it slightly to keep it moist and only added the topping to the top of the cake otherwise i think it would have been too sickly.  Its definitely a hit with the family!

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