Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back to school blues

So Princess went off to school today all excited with a big smiley face! But this is me

I always feel a little sad when the holidays are over.  Mind you its not like she and the rest of the family haven't left enough for me too do!  As a extra Christmas present DH bought me a welsh style dresser to be a home for my teacup and saucer collection,  Its a super piece of furniture but I've had to move the kitchen around to accommodate it.  So I thought while I'm doing that I may as well completely spring clean the kitchen! 
Am I completely silly!  I'm now halfway through and needed a cuppa and a break!  There is so much stuff!  there is enough to furnish three kitchens!  I really must stop hording things and trust that when I am in need of something then God will provide the perfect item at the perfect time.  I'm down sizing EVERYTHING!!! Mugs how many do we actually use?  Casserole dishes?  I always end up using the same old faithful ones.  Pudding bowls?  Not one but two, TWO!! breadmakers!  Far far too many.  so its all got to go.  Ive just put a advert on free cycle and hopefully someone can make use of them to stop them going in landfill.  
So room one (kitchen) and room two ( utility room) are the target for today.  Tomorrow?  who knows!

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