Friday, 17 February 2017

My Bullet journal

Hi there lovelies!
Hows things?
Its been lovely and sunny here in Suffolk. A distinct change in the weather. It seems Spring has sprung!

This year Ive decided to give bullet journaling a go.  Its changed my life!  It really has.  No more missing appointments, forgetting friends tea/coffee meet ups, no more missing bill payments.  I'm totally organised!  If you know me you will know this is quite surprising for me!  In fact me being organised is positively  a miracle! 

 So this is how my journal looks.  I bought a LEUCHTTURM 1917 from Amazon .  I also bought a pen holder in which to store my growing number of pens!  Also from amazon you can find it here. It helps me to keep everything together and organised.  its amazing how much stuff you start collecting!
Firstly I set up my "goals for the year".  I didnt want to call it new years resolutions as I never keep to them and then feel dissatisfied with myself, so they are the goals I aim to reach.

I also set aside a page for quotes I hear throughout the year and I either like or are inspirational.
I have a page on books i want to read or have read.  I aim to read twenty books this year.  That is my goal and this page helps me keep track.
I also keep two pages for bible verses that I like.  We have a verse to learn each year for church and that's here.  I like to keep this page so I can turn to a specific verse when i need it!
Typically my weeks are set up like this.  I do a two page spread for each week and it works pretty well.  (I couldn't find a two page spread that wasn't full of my appointments etc!)  I prepare the page two weeks in advance so that I have a idea of what we have in store for that week.

I also keep track of my period and moods in the journal.  I'm interested to see if my moods are affected by my periods.  I'm sure they are but I guess I'm just looking for confirmation.  This is a good way to track it. 

I also have my Christmas list in there! I know its really early in the year but we are on a limited budget and  like to pick up bargains when I see them especially for the grandchildren.  These pages help me to keep a eye on what Ive bought and what I still have to buy.  Its a good system.

I also put in photos of people I love and want to pray for.  This adds something personal to my journal and it helps keep me focused when praying.

 Sometimes its hard to remember to do things you love.  Its important to give oneself love and so I have a small list of things that I like and like to do.  Also new songs that Ive discovered, sometimes played on the radio or stuff I hear coming out of my daughters bedroom!

Finally and most importantly I think I have a gratitude log.  Sometimes in life we forget things we are grateful for and the many blessings we have.  Something as simple as a warm bed to sleep in is something that a person would be extremely grateful for if they didn't have it. And so on.

So that's my journal.  It keeps me grounded and organised.  It gets me where I need to be, when I need to be there.  I challenge you to try keeping one.  Its extremely addictive but great fun.  There are facebook groups you can join to get ideas and meet like minded people.
I'm so glad you joined me today and I hope to read your comments below
Take care
Bye for now 
Hales xx


Jules said...

I love the idea of a bullet journal. No matter how hard I try I never seem to be organised and remember the important things. You've done a great job. X

ThePBFamily said...

Thank you Jules! Im really enjoying using it. Give it a try! But a warning, its very addictive!

Kerrymay._.Makes said...

Awww that's lovely, love seeing peoples bullet journals xx

ThePBFamily said...

Thank you Kerry-May. Im so organised now and thats no easy thing!


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