Friday, 10 February 2017

Pro artist Palette Tam beauty

Hello My lovelies!

Today I would like to talk to you about the Tam beauty #Pro artist palette.
This is  a magnetic palette which you fill with the eye shadows and highlighters of your choice.
The size of the palette is big enough to hold eighteen of the pro artist  eye shadows.  They are of standard size so you could potentially use any other brand of eyeshadow pots to fill your palette. Its the palette that is magnetic not the eye shadows.

It has a full sized mirror on the inside that I love about it.  I like my palettes to have mirrors as it saves all the fiddling about with trying to hold a mirror and a palette at the same time! Its made from a good solid plastic.  Some of the more expensive palettes are made from cardboard.   Being made from study material, you know its going to last you a long time. 
sorry for the rough picture, its extremely hard to photograph a mirror!
The only down side to this palette is that the eye shadow are not very good.  This surprised me as Make up revolution/Tam beauty are a brand I use often and enjoy their products immensely.  They are very chalky and crumble in the metal cases which in turn make a huge mess in the palette.  As I said this is a real disappointment as the palette is so lovely and at £5.00 is a lot cheaper than other brands alternative. 

So, In summing up I would say buy the Palette!  Its of a good quality and the finish on it is lovely.  You can find it here .  It would be a welcome addition to any make up collection and you wont regret it.  The eye shadows and highlighters however I would give a miss.  You could fill this pallet with other brands.  there are some here for instance.  The palette is worth buying just for the size, look and quality.  I think the other brands of magnetic palettes pale in comparison to this one if I'm honest.

I hope this review has been helpful to you and I look forward to hearing your opinions on it.

Look after yourself
Bye for now
Hales xx

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