Friday, 24 February 2017


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So The latest craze to sweep the beauty world is the Silisponge.  Its a silicone pad which you use to apply foundation in place of a sponge.

It is around the same size as a beauty blender and the best thing about it is it saves on product as the silisponge does not absorb any product.  Its clean as you can wipe it and put it straight back into your cosmetic bag with out it covering everything in foundation.
Its extremely flexible and gets foundation easily into all the areas such as sides of your nose which can sometimes be difficult to cover.
When applying the foundation I found that it kind of smeared the product over my face which was a little strange at first but to be honest I think that the sillisponge works just as well, if not better than the beauty blender. 
The plus points for me are:
1. Flexibility of the sillisponge
2. Easy wipe clean and so easier to store.
3. I'm guessing that the sillispong will last much longer than the beauty blender as it wont fall apart as easily.
4. Hygienically it has to be better doesn't it?  I mean you can anti bacterial wipe the sillisponge therefore eliminating the cross contamination of breakouts.

So all in all I really like this.  You can buy it  HERE  Priced at £5.99

I hope this is a helpful review.
(This review has not been sponsored and all views are my own.)

I hope to see you here again soon.
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