Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sad news from London UK

Hello lovlies

There is a sad cloud hanging over the UK this morning after the incident in London Westminster yesterday.  I don't want to say terrorist attack as this hasn't been confirmed but it was a awful event and people lost their lives.  One of which was a police officer who lost his life fulfilling his job role "to serve and protect".

Sometimes humanity can be so cruel and do dark things.  Humans are not always the best of beings and we are often horrible to each other.  When things happen so near to you it hits home just how fragile life is and how we should all strive to make things better for each other.  Whether its a friendly wave or smile to a neighbour or a helping hand to someone in need.  If we all did one kind thing a week to "pay it forward" the world would be such a better place. 

Lets just learn one thing from yesterday.  There were more people who came to aid and help the victims than there were attackers.  That's got to say something. Hasn't it?

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