Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Where have I been. Good excuse this time!

Hello everyone!

Well I have had a eventful couple of weeks!  You may not have noticed me missing due to the fact that I schedule posts in advance.

Two weeks ago I fell extremely ill.  It happened literally overnight. I had been for a meal at my brothers the night before and I felt fine!
 My husband found me unconscious and not breathing in bed.  I had a respiratory arrest. My daughter first put me in the recovery position and then gave me CPR.  (shes eleven years old! ELEVEN!)
The air ambulance was called and two ambulances came out.  They managed to revive me enough to allow me to walk down the stairs assisted to the stretcher.  To cut a long story short, I ended up in intensive care for a week on a respirator.  I'm am extremely lucky to be alive.  My family were told to expect the worst.  But God is good!  I am at home and well on the road to recovery.  The hospital were amazing and I couldn't have asked for better care.  The NHS is amazing and I owe my life to them.  I shall be eternally grateful to all the staff and the institution that is the NHS.

In a weird quirk of fate my brother was also admitted to intensive care within a hour of me being taken there.  He has pneumonia and has had to  be moved to a bigger hospital in our county.  He has had to have a operation to help him breathe and is extremely ill.    He is critical but "as well as can be expected" whatever that means!  I am unable to visit for fear of passing the illness back and forth on Drs orders.  We are extremely close and its very hard not to speak to him as we speak everyday.  Please remember him in your prayers.

Well that's a update from me!  I hope you are well and I hope to see you back here soon.  Bye for now xx

Hales xx


Jules said...

Thank goodness you're ok. What a dreadful time for you all. I hope you're taking things easy and I'm sending positive thoughts and strength for your brother. X

ThePBFamily said...

thank you so much Jules. Hes stable still which is a good thing!

Honestly Fiona said...

Gosh, after reading this post you have much to be grateful for! So glad you were ok. Look after yourself and hope your brother is fit, well and back home soon. Have a restful weekend x

ThePBFamily said...

Thank you fiona. Im feeling so much better now.


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