Monday, 10 April 2017

Easter half term week one

Hello Lovelies!

So here in the UK it is the Easter half term.  The children have two weeks off school and so its the time when all parent think " what can we do to keep the kidlets occupied?"
Miss PB is eleven years old now so mostly entertains herself but we still like to do things as a family.  We see a lot of the grandchildren and its lovely to have them around but again its keeping them busy that we need to think about.  So we have a very busy time planned!

I'm going to do this as a diary type post and I'm going to document what we have got up to during the holidays. Mostly for us to look back on in years to come.

Monday. 3rd April  Cake baking day!
Miss PB made her first sponge cake on her own.  I just sat in the kitchen and gave limited advice but she did the cake baking on her own.  She also made her dad a egg sandwich.  Again her first experience of using a frying pan!  These are all moments I want to remember.  Shes growing so fast!
Tuesday 4th April - Lion King workshop

Today Miss PB went off with her best friend to a lion king workshop at a young carers group that she is part of.  Its important that she spends time away from us doing fun things.  Often Young carers are over looked and not thought bout but here in the UK things are slowly changing and young carers are being valued more and more.  Miss Pb is of great help to me.  sometimes I am unable to put on my own socks or get myself a drink and she helps me immensely.  Its also good that Mr PB can pop out knowing that she is here and can cope and keep me safe if I should have a seizure.  Shes a special little girl! 

Wednesday 5th April
Today was our church project F.I.S.H (food in the school holidays).  This weeks theme was pizza making.  We went with our son and his family.  It involved making pizza on pitta bread and then grilling them.  The children really enjoyed making their pizzas and choosing and arranging the toppings!

Thursday 6th April 
 Today was weigh in day at slimming world.  I put on 1/2lb.  I'm not too worried as I have only just started eating since being in hospital and I think its my body adjusting to that.  Mr PB lost 6lb!  So annoying!  He loses weight so easily! It just drops off him!
After slimming world we went and spent the afternoon chatting, drinking tea and putting the world to rights with our good friends and their beautiful granddaughter.  Miss PB enjoyed playing with their granddaughter.  She is really good with younger children.  I guess that comes from having younger nieces and nephews!

Friday 7th April
Today Miss PB went to a open day at her young carers group.  There is a bake sale and we went and had a look round the centre.  Miss PB and Daddy made some cookies to sell.  Although some got eaten before they got there!  My brother is having a operation to clear his chest today, its quite a risky operation but we are sure with Gods grace he will recover well.

Sunday 9th April.

Today we went to church.  We then picked up two of the Grandchildren and took them to a little beach a couple of miles from our home.  The weather was glorious!  We had such fun!  It was so warm we needed to use sun cream and the children wore shorts and t-shirts!
We finished off the day with chips by the sea and the children had a quick go on the motorised scooters.  
The children then asked for a sleep over.  We rang the parents and they agreed so we have two overnight guests tonight!

So that's week one of the Easter half term holidays!  What will we get up to next week!

See you soon

Hales and co xx

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