Friday, 31 March 2017

Monthly catch up march 2017

Hello everyone.
So today I'm starting a new series which will be a monthly post catching up on our family life.

This month has been nothing if not eventful!
Firstly we have had four birthdays!  Firstly Mr PB on the 3rd and then  DIL on the 7th.  Followed by Big son PB on 14th then mine on the 19th.  Finally little son PB who was 22 years old.  Where have the years gone!  I can remember the boys being tiny and the time has just flown by! Obviously due to my illness in the middle of the month birthdays celebrations have been rather muted and in fact almost none existent!  We will make up for it later in the year!

Spring has definitely sprung!  The weather is so much milder and its lovely to wake up to the sun streaming through the window in the morning.  There isnothing better than a bit of sunshine on your cornflakes! (anyone remember that advert?)

Our two little princesses are now four and six months and continue to grow and just be beautiful.  they bring us so much joy!

 Chuckles has finally started to smile at us when she sees us.   (shes very selective who she smiles at!)

Mimi is a joy as always.  She is really an intelligent little girl.. At parents evening her mum was told she is reading well above her age level and in fact is at the level that would be expected at the end of the year above her!

Bob is a sweetheart.  He loves to play fight with grandad and has just found you tube videos that show Mario games being played!  He is addicted to them and makes us watch whenever we go round there!

Miss PB is doing well.  She is in the middle of revising for her stats.  This is causing her no problems and she is far from being stressed out by it all.  She is quite laid back like her Daddy and very little phases her.  I am still in awe of how she helped to revive me when I was so poorly.  She is certainly a special little girl.

We are blessed with our family.

As far as the blog is going, I am pleased with the direction ts taking.  I plan to do some more reviews and an looking at different items to review.  As you know my favourite thing is make up but I intend to try to do more non make up reviews.  What do you think?

Well that's a quick update from us.

Thanks for stopping by and We hope to see you here again real soon! 

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Jules said...

A lovely catch up. I'm not surprised you feel blessed with your family. So much to be thankful for. I hope your health is still improving. X

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