Friday, 28 April 2017

Moans of the month!

Hello Lovlies!

Today is my next Moan (or Moans) of the month!

So firstly let me say I had such a good response from my last one that Ive decided to make this a regular posting.  So with out further ado, Here we go!

1.  People who moan about the NHS.  Now I'm not stupid enough to think that everyone gets the best service possible and mistakes do get made.  We are only human after all.  But on the whole the NHS are one of the best medical services in the world.  They have saved my life on many occasions (not least recently, read about it by clicking this link here)

They save the life of millions of people each year.  Not to mention the improvements of life by surgery, medication and physiotherapy.

We are the envy of the world with our health care system.  Lets not lose it.
And if you don't like it?  Go join BUBA!

 2.  People who drop litter!  AAARRRGGGG!!!!! It drives me mad!
Would you do it at home?  Do you have a coffee at home and just throw your cup across the lounge?
(well maybe some do!) 
We have some beautiful countryside here in the UK and it is littered by uncaring people who are just to lazy to find a bin or take their rubbish home!
                                                      BIN IT!!!!

3.  Lastly for this month.  Dog Poo!
We ourselves have three little doggies.  We take them out we have poo bags with us and clean up any little parcels they may leave behind.  Its not hard and is as much a part of caring for your pet as feeding and grooming is!  Its so annoying when you are in your best clothes ready for a event and you tread in doggie doo in your new shoes! (yes Ive experienced this!)  Don't even mention trying to clean it off your said footwear! GAG!!! 
So if you have a doggie, please take it a poo bag with you (You can get 200 or £1 in poundland) Scoop and bag it!  It takes seconds and there are plenty of bins around or simply put it in your bin at home!

So that is my grumpy lady moans for this month! 
If you've made it this far, Well done! I promise that if this is your first visit to our blog I'm not usually this grumpy!!

Well have a great week, and I hope you visit again soon!!
Hales xxx


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