Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Superdrug shower gels

Hi Lovlies!

While browsing the superdrug website recently I noticed that they had their own brand shower gels on special offer for 66p!  So I thought to myself " what a great time to stock up!"  There are only three of us living here (plus the odd visitor) but we seem to go through shower gels at alarming rates! 
So I ordered a few! 

The first one I ordered was Spearmint and sea salt for men.

Spearmint and sea salt
The smell is lovely!  It reminds me of those little chewy mint sweets you used to get in the 1980s.  I cant remember the name of them and have racked my brain trying to but to no avail!  You know the ones, little square individually wrapped sweets in a mint green wrapper?  Well if you remember the name then please comment below!  Anyhow back to the shower gel!  So the consistency of the gels is perfect.  Not to runny that it falls off your shower pouf, but not so thick that it is impossible to get out of the bottle.  (this goes for all the shower gels!)  Obviously this is aimed at men but I would be quite happy to use it as I think the smell is pretty unisex.  Watch out Mr PB!  Nothing is your own in this house!

lemon and tea tree
Next is the Lemon and Tea tree.  Now I'm a fan of tea tree.  Its great for healing and especially for removing and repelling our little friends, the Head louse!  However I don't really get the smell of tea tree from this.  Whether the Lemon over powers it or its meant to be more lemony I'm not sure.  It does however smell lovely.  Ive been using it when showering in the mornings and I find that its a great waker uper! 

 The next one is Coconut.  Now Miss PB doesn't like Coconut, the smell, the taste, anything to do with coconut but she smelt this and said she quite liked the gel.  It is strongly scented but doesn't come across as a strong coconut smell.  I cant quite put my finger on the smell but I know it does include the coconut smell!  Out of all of the gels, this is my least favourite.  I will of course use it because being frugal, I bought it so I will use it! But it isn't my favourite!

Shea butter and bamboo
Lastly we have the shea butter and bamboo.  What does bamboo smell like?  Who knows?! But the shea butter really comes through on this.  The smell is very buttery and smells like caramel sauce!  This is Miss PB's favourite and we have no problem getting her into the shower with this!  This leaves a lasting smell on the skin which is very pleasant.  I shall definitely be repurchasing this!

So in summing up,  The shower gels are very good value for money.  On offer currently in superdrug for 66p at the moment.  They are good quality, not tested on animals (always a bonus) and they smell divine.  They leave your skin clean, smelling fresh and soft.  All the things you would want of a shower gel.  Ive recently been using a Bayliss and Harding gel and I have to say they compare to those very well.  Obviously not the same quality and that is reflected in the price, but a good alternative.

So if you are in the market for some new shower gel, try superdrug!

Bye for now

Hales xx


Jules said...

Are you thinking of Pacers? On the whole I do like Superdrug products so will look out for these shower gels. X

ThePBFamily said...

That is absolutly it! I just couldnt remember the name for the life of me!


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