Friday, 5 May 2017

Five things Id tell my grandparents

Hello lovlies!

I hope you are all well.
Whatever has happened to the weather!  Its so rainy here in sunny Suffolk.  Ive got the jumpers out again and the heating is still on low and its May!  Come on, give us a break!

Today I want to talk about my grandparents.  They were both such a big part of my childhood.  They were there when times were happy, tough, mundane and everything in between.  My Grandad died in 1990 and my Nanny quite a few years later.  They were married for over forty years and had a strong and happy marriage.  They were full of wisdom and love and I miss them terribly.
Since Ive had my own grandchildren its made me think of them more and more.  So here are the five things Id like to tell them the most.

1.  You were right!
  On so many things you were right.  Always mix the butter and sugar first when making cakes, don't smoke! Boiled water is the best thing for UTI's, Whiskey in water helps with nausea,  Love, laugh and smile.  Listen to people, work hard.  All these you were right when you said them!

2.  Most important is family. 
Ive tried to instill this into my own family.  Whether it will be a important part of their lives only time will tell.  I try to keep in touch with my siblings and Mother as much as possible and love family get togethers.  Mostly its My little family and I but I'm happy with that.

3.  I found my prince charming.
  I have a husband who is devoted to me.  He holds open car doors for me to get in and carries the shopping.  I model  my marriage on your own.  I know you'd like him, even you Nanny! We love and respect each other and not afraid to say things to each other that may offend.  We often have times when we just sit in silence or times when the rooms too loud to hear but that's OK. We can communicate without words and never go to bed upset without first having a hug.  We say I love you everyday and sometimes multiple times a day.  If I hadn't seen your marriage I wouldn't have known what true love and devotion is. Thank you x

4.I miss you.
Everyday I miss you.  The kettle always on the boil, the teapot with a cosy on it,  the linen tablecloths on the table, The cakes in the cake tin.  Grandad slipping his shandy to us and Nanny's little treats.  I  miss the cuddles with you Grandad as I gentle pulled on your ears. I miss baking with you Nanny where you would always let me take the praise for the perfect sponge when all Id done really was give the batter a quick stir.  I miss just popping in.  I wish I could have brought my own grandchildren to visit you.  You would love them so much, I know you would.

5.  Look I made it! 
Through all the ups and downs and all the smiles and tears, I'm here, happy and content.  I have a happy and strong marriage.  I have a little family of my own that keeps growing and I am loved by many people young and old.  Ive kept my faith in God which was instilled in me through many years of watching songs of praise with you on a Sunday evening.  We have a lovely church family and are settled into our church.  God plays a big part in our lives and always will.  I know you are looking down and approving!

Thank you for your input into my life

Hales xx


BeautyBlitz Blog said...

This is such a lovely post. I lost my Nan a few years ago and there's so many things I'd love to show her and tell her. That part about taking your children to see them completely got me; I know my Nan would have adored my son, and it kills me she never got the chance to see him or meet my husband. I make sure I take my son to see my Grandad at every opportunity. Lovely post x |

Isabel said...

This is a lovely post. I still have my nanny and grandad and I feel lucky to. I will cherish them while I still have them. x


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