Tuesday, 25 October 2011

CHALLENGE 52 COMPLETED!!!!!! and Finished hat!

Wow this is good. Two posts in two days!
So as you may have seen I have been taking part in the 54 week 52 item challenge.  It was suppose to be  make on thing a week for a year but Ive finished.  I haven't always made one thing a week and have made more than one some weeks but its all levelled out and now, I have finished.  The list on the right is not a complete list of things I've made as I don't always remember to write them down but it gives a insight into what I've been up to.

I finished the Hat I was knitting for Mr CM.  I'm really pleased with it as I have only just learnt to cable knit and apart from a couple of pairs of wrist warmers this is my first real project.
Ive Knitted it using chunky wool and so its really warm and cosy and perfect for the winter evenings that seem to be coming in now. the pattern can be found HERE
IT has worked out so well that  may make one each for my sons to go in their Christmas stockings.

Well time to start another project.  What can I be tempted with on Ravelry!
Bye for now xx

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