Thursday, 20 April 2017

Drayon metalic liquid lipsticks

Hello lovelies!

I'm feeling better.  Thank you for all the lovely comments and get well messages I received.  My brother is also doing well and had been moved back to our local hospital.  Unfortunately I am unable to see him due to cross contamination but I managed to see him over face time and although he cant speak we managed to communicate.

So while I was in hospital a package came for me.  I had ordered some Metallic liquid lipsticks from Aliexpress.  It seemed like ages since I ordered them but in reality it was probably only about five weeks.  They came from China so that was the reason for the delay.  I only ordered two colours as I was unsure if I would like them and didn't want to waste money if they were unusable.

Firstly the packaging is very pretty, it has a lovely gold coloured lid/wand handle.  There is gold detailing to the tube which make the product appear much more expensive than it was.  In fact these products cost only 83p each with free shipping!  If you don't mind waiting for them to arrive they are great!

I ordered shade 05 which is a gold colour and shade 11 which is a mixture between a rose gold and bronze kind of colour.   The formula is very light and you need to apply a couple of coats to get a good effect.  The product smells lovely,  just like walking into you childhood sweetie shop.  Some people may find this over powering as the smell is quite strong but I found it OK.

Upon wearing I found that the product lasted no more than a hour tops.  Its definitely not a long lasting lipstick but when it is on it is very striking.  The colours are bold and very strong.  I found the lipsticks left my lips a  little dry but not too dry.  I applied lip balm afterwards and everything was OK.  This is a problem I have with lipsticks so I think maybe this was my lips rather than the product. However I did find the formula to be over sticky!

If you are looking for a striking bold statement lipstick I would recommend these.  and at 83p a pop you can afford to apply every hour!  You can find them here

I hope this has been a helpful review and if you'd like to see more of my bargain buy cosmetics please comment below!

I hope to see you here again soon.  Bye for now

Hales xxx

(Photos have been taken from the Aliexpress website)

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