Friday, 14 April 2017

Essence gel nail polish

Hello Lovlies!
I hope today finds you well and you are enjoying the lovely weather we've been having.  I don't know about you but I always feel better when the weather is good.  I feel like there is a spring in my step and I can take on the world!

Today I want to talk to you about the Essence range of gel nail polish from Wilko.
If you don't know, Wilkos is a shop that's a "all in one shop!"  It sells most things you could possibly need.  They do a range of make up called Essence which is drug store prices.  I own quite a few of their cosmetics including their Gel nail polishes.  But today I want to speak to you about the three I bought last week.

The first on above, is a kind of plum colour. Its No 68 Hugs.   The photo doesn't do it justice.  It is a dark rich plum coloured tone.  A rich Burgundy colour.  One thing about these polishes is their long lasting effect.  I applied mine on Thursday and by the following Wednesday it was still ok, no chips or fading and still as vibrant.  They last really well.

The next one is this teal colour.  Again the photo is properly naff but look on the wilko site here to see a better picture.  The shade is Hopping 64. Again its a rich colour that lasts well.  The brush applicator is just perfectly shaped.  It is curved to ensure a good all over nail application.

The last one is a lovely dark black. No 46.  I have been looking for a black nail varnish for a while.  I tried a Maybelline one but found it watery and it didn't cover well.  This one is perfect.  It covers really well and doesn't really need a second cot, although I did give it one.

These varnishes are priced at £1.60 and are a absolute bargain.  I love them!  It is great to find gel nail varnishes that don't need a lamp, at such good quality, at such a great price!

If you like the look of theses varnishes then pop along to you local Wilkos or you can find them on line here.

Well this is completes this post!  I hope to hear from you and please do come back soon!

Hales xx

I was not paid for this review and I bought the varnishes myself. 

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