Monday, 24 April 2017

To hair or not to hair? That is the question!

Hello my lovlies!

Recently I was watching "This Morning"  (I know I lead the high life right!) .  They had a section on a lady who had not shaved her body hair for five years.  You can find it by clicking the link here Along side this woman was another lady who was most obviously horrified at this ladies choice.  She was recoiling at this lifestyle choice and I thought she was extremely rude.  To be honest is it such a big deal?  I don't think so.  And this is why.

We naturally have body hair.  It is part of the human condition.  Our bodies produce it (or not) as part of our natural function.  We can not choose whether it grows or not, It just does!

The same goes for eyebrows and foofoo's.  Fashion has come and gone and we've gone from barely there to full growth to just a general tidy up. What you do is up to you.  Does it really concern anyone else?

I personally am not offended by body hair on women. I find it neither attractive or unattractive.
Personally I shave my legs and armpits periodically and can often be found with fuzzy legs!  I'm not ashamed of the fact.  I also have PCOS which doesn't help with the hairy problem!  I don't care,  personally I am happy in my own skin and happy with my body.

These are most defiantly not my legs.  Far too shapely!

 I was also quite shocked that the woman on the show asked about hygiene being a problem with hairy armpits on  a woman.  What??? Actually WTF?
As the lady said, "Do we ask the same question of men?"  Are men considered to be unhygienic because of having leg or armpit hair?  No, of course not.  That is just a ridiculous argument.

We were born hairy and I bet when we are breathing our last, the last thing on our minds will be "Did I shave yesterday?"

So weather you wax, pluck, shave or don't do any, be proud of your body and yourself.  You deserve it!

Bye for now

Hales xx


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