Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Bullett journal - May edition!

Hi lovelies!

It looks like the weather has picked up doesn't it?  Its been very sunny here in "Sunny Suffolk"!
Also the blue bells are out in the garden.  Probably one of my favourite plants bluebells.  I have a few planted in the garden but should really plant more.  I keep seeing photos on line of people taking walks in bluebell woods and its one of the rare times I get really frustrated that these legs just refuse to work and comply with my need to wander in the woods!
Anyway I digress!

Today's post is my May update on my Bullet Journal.  Now I know that my BJ style isn't like many other peoples.  I use mine more as a diary/scrapbook/planning tool.  Its something I am likely to keep for years rather than throw away after the year has ended.
This are my May intro pages.  The photo is of Mr PB and our Grandson taking a snooze after a trip to the beach!  Basically I write the dates down the side and I fill in any important days that I need to remember throughout the month.  I always check this at the beginning of the week and then move the occasion into the appropriate date. 

I always keep adding to the "News of the world" page.  Basically its a page to record major world wide events.  This is particualy important to me because as I said earlier the BJ will be kept for the forseeable future.

This page I keep for writing down Bible verses that jump out and speak to me.  It is a double page spread so I have pleanty of room.  Although I expect I shall have to start another page soon!

This page is from a two week spread in April.  As you can see we were pretty busy!  I dont usually do a week to a page as I find it doesn't give me enough room but I wanted to try this kind of style.  It has helped me decide that the week to a page style is not for me.  I need two pages per week to use my BJ effectively.

This page is my end of May sheet.  Please excuse the quality of the photo!  It was so hard to capture for some reason.  It shows my "Keyword" for the year which is "strength"  I decided on this word at the beginning of the year and boy have I been tested on it!  I have had to have strength to get through this year and in particular it saw me through my stay in ITU in march.  I feel God put this word on my heart.

So thats my little trip through Mays BJ.  I hope you found it to be interesting and gave you some ideas for your own BJ's.  I personally love looking at other peoples BJ's because it inspires me and gives me new ideas.  The BJing community on Pinterest and Facebook is amazing.  There are some really talented people out there.  While at craft group yesterday we decided that I am "Crafty not a artist".  I like that.  It suits me just fine!

Bye for now

Hales xxx

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