Monday, 29 May 2017

Sandals - the shoe kind not the holiday!

Hello lovelies!
Now I have big feet.  Its a fact!  I take size 9 or 10 in ladies shoes.  That's bigger than the average size ladies shoe size.  Now, I want to wear the same kind of shoes that the lovely size six ladies can wear and I have to say now days its getting easier and easier to do.  More and more companies are catering for the plus size.  Not only in clothes but also in shoes.  I have been having a look round and theses are my favourites and my "I'd love to haves" for the summer months!

What about these beauties?!

They are from Simply Be  and are priced at £35.00.  They are perfect for the beach but teamed up with a maxi dress and bolero I could see these being perfect for a evening out.  Love the flower on the top but maybe that's my Hippy side coming out!  These really are statement shoes.  Of course I could never wear them because of the heel but a girl can dream right?

Next take a look at these!  How FREEKING awesome are these!  I love leopard print but its hard to wear it without looking like some kind of porn star wannabe!  Either that or Bet Lynch!  So I'm totally in love with these shoes.  If anyone would like to buy me these *cough* Mr PB *cough* they can be found HERE  they cost £28.00 and I need a size 9!

Then I found  THESE  . They are pretty little flip flop style with a toe post and pretty diamante detailing to the top.  They are flat so perfect for me.  The price is pretty good too to be honest. £15.00 will bag you these and they even come in three colours.  They wouldn't take up much room in your suitcase either.

Finally I tried out the George at ASDA and the F&F at Tesco websites.  To be honest they had nothing that you'd enjoy wearing unless you were 75+  And I most certainly am not!

Dorothy Perkins had a really good range and I really liked the look of these  ones.  They are funky and would be great for festival. I really like them I think they may find their way via Royal Mail to our house! Priced at £18.75 they are a bargain.

So that's the sandals I found out there.  Of course there are many others but these are the ones that caught my eye.

Maybe, just maybe I shall be sporting a pair really soon!

Bye for now

Hales xx

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