Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello everyone.
Well Ive had a long absence.  Unfortunately things have been a little crazy here.  We have had a busy time in lots of different areas of our lives.  I will fill you in in later posts,  But for now I thought id leave a message to let you know i haven't fallen off the end of the earth!

Everyone in the bloggy blanket swap should have received their squares from me but I haven't heard from anyone yet so I hope they made it ok.
I will post later in the week
hope you are all well
bye for now


Ioana-Carmen said...

Great blog structure.

I would love to follow your beautiful blog! <3 maybe we can follow each other?

Katie said...

Thanks for taking part in the Jar or Love swap! Great to have you with us. xxx

And Im back!!!

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