Thursday, 1 June 2017

Moan of the month! may 2017

Hi lovelies.
 Today's moan of the month is just one moan,  The Jeremy Kyle show. Enough said.

Really? REALLY?  Is this what society has come down to?  I despair that people from other countries will watch this and decide this is what people in the UK are really like.

The researchers from this show seem to target the most vulnerable people that are humiliated for the purpose of entertainment.  This is not acceptable.
There are thousands of people who are in bad situations in the UK but there is also thousands upon thousands of people who lead normal lives, living morally and raising children to be good citizens.
They strive to live under increasingly circumstances and ever changing financial conditions.

There are nine children in every classroom of 30 living in poverty (See the web page for the child poverty action group HERE)  Not because parents are irresponsible, although I'm sure this is the case sometimes, but because of increasingly hard social and economic conditions.

It is not the norm for people to have "four potential fathers" for their child. Nor to steal from family members to fund their drug habbits.  The majority of people wouldnt dream of broadcasting how many sexual patners they have had or the fact that they caught a STD from a friend.  
Does the picture above really reflect the Uk today?  I will leave it to you to come to your own conclusion.

Thats all folks
Hales xx

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