Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas food shopping and finding bargains!

Hello everyone!
So today was the dreaded food shop!  I had booked a delivery for today from Asda but  Mr Cm decided we should cancel it and do our own!  I was dreading all the pushing shoving and general greed and disrespect that goes on each Christmas time.  The bulk buying of bread and milk as the shop will be shut for two whole days!
But I have to say that it was generally calm and Tescos had everything we needed.  i thought it would be manic as we didn't get there till 11am but people were not buying anymore than they usually do on Friday it seemed.  We had long ago decided that we would only spend the same amount on shopping as we do any other fortnight and we pretty much stuck to that, spending just £10 extra due to picking up a little something as a gift and some really very reduced cake mixes.  Which brings me to these:

They were reduced to £2 and have the main ingredients to make a rich fruit cake.  the fruit is pre -soaked in brandy and nearly blows your head off when opening the sealed packet!  I have made mine tonight and its cooking away making the house smell lovely!
Ive bought four packets so i can enjoy them later in the year!  In our house there is only my son and I who eat them so fruit cake lasts a while in a air tight tin!

Well tomorrow we have my brother and children visiting for hot chocolate and treats and then its the top to toe house clean!  Tho the family have been looking forward this all week! lol!  The four of us will be beavering away all day and then will sit down with our tea and watch Merlin.  The perfect day!
Well if we get carried away with the cleaning and I don't get back till after the big day then I hope you all have a very good Christmas.  Just remember 
Happy birthday!
God bless you and yours

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