Monday, 5 June 2017

Jurlingo eyeshadows

Hi my lovelies!

When watching a youtube video recently, The lady in the video was showcasing the Jurlingo eyeshadow.  I thought they looked so lovely that I just had to give them a go! 

They come as single pan eye shadows but for every four you buy you get a holder palette for free!  (this applies to the seller I am linking.  I can't be sure of other sellers)

The first thing I noticed was the packaging it came in.  It had come from china but was so well packaged not one of the pans were damaged.  The boxes for each individual pan was strong and each pan came in a protective plastic insert.  They also came within ten days of being ordered.

The palette includes a little mirror and double ended applicator.

The colours are so striking that it hard to choose a favourite! But I think this gold colour has it licked!  It's so striking and looks so lovely when applied that I can't help but love it! 
I tried to get a good photo of it on my eyes but trying to do an up close selfie with a camera proved beyond me!

  When I tested them they are so pigmented and strong in colour that a little goes a long way.  I can see these becoming my recent buy favourites!  They are marketed as "Diamond eyeshadow" and boy are they!

This blue colour would be perfect for a night out and to get that shimmery 80s look that we all crave at one time or another!

I just love this lilac and rose combination.  A sure fire hit for a night out or even for day wear.

I'm totally in love with these shadows and I can see them seeing me right through summer into the Autumn/winter season!

If you are interested in buying these they can be found here  at the time of posting they were priced at £1.65 per pan.  A total bargain if you ask me!

Well, time is upon us once again!  It is time for me to pop off and see what the day brings. 
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I hope you have a good week and I hope to see you back here again real soon.
Bye for now

Hales xxx

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