Thursday, 8 June 2017

Monthly woes!

Hello lovelies

Today I want to talk to you about Periods.  Auntie Flo, monthlies, time of the month call it what you will!  Almost all women will experience them at some stage in their life.  From the excitement/dread, you feel at the first time, to the end of them where most of us will swing our "period Panties" round our head jubilantly when we know we will no longer have to wear them, we all have to make decisions about them.  Namely sanitary wear.

 I read a report recently that states that a there are an increasing number of girls who cant go to school because they cant afford sanitary wear.  (read about it HERE)  In this country we should be ashamed of ourselves that this is happening.  Its something that every girl, especially at that age should not have to worry about.  What is happening to this country! Anyway rant over!!

What will we choose to use?  Towels ,tampons, throwaway or reusable its all a choose we have to make.

I  recently received a moon cup to try out.  I have to say it is something that I have considered using before but haven't got round to buying one. 

The one that I got was a lovely lilac colour and made of the softest rubber.  It is soft and pliable and it is not as hard as I thought it would be.  To insert it you kind of fold it and insert it into the vagina in the same style as a tampon. (Better instructions HERE.) It then collects the again.

 There are two sizes available.  One for pre-childbirth and one after.

  Knowing that the environment is being helped by towels and tampons going to landfill is a added bonus! We could all do with lightening the footprint we leave on this earth! Opps I'm going into another rant! 

So my opinion on the moon cup is that it is a good idea.  It works well in principle.  Unfortunately due to my disability I have been unable to trial it so this is just my opinion on it.  They can be bought cheaply or more expensively in line with your budget.  If in doubt buy a cheap one and if you get on with it then make a investment in a more expensive one.   HERE is a link for one of the better ones on the market.

I hope this has been a helpful and informative review and I hope to see you back in our little corner of the Internet soon
Bye for now

Hales xxx

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