Sunday, 22 January 2012

knitting and crafting away!

Hello there!
I know, two posts in two days!  Amazing isn't it!

Well i thought that i would show off my latest make.
Lovely ponytail

His name is Harold.  I finally finished him and he is going to be a one off knit for me as it was far too fiddly!

At the moment my WIPs include a little tank/vest top for Princess kind of based on this one here
I got the idea from this pattern but I'm making the top up as i go along.  Pretty much.

Also i am working on Mr Twizzle for my nephew here he is courtesy of Jean Greenhowes website
Ive knitted him up and now just have to add the extras.
I also bought some fabric to make my GD1 a patchwork quilt.
loving the flowers!

I haven't made her a quilt yet so I thought it was about time.  I love the different shades of blue and I'm excited to start this.  I cant decide on the pattern but i am leaning more towards the hexagon pattern. 

Today will be mostly spending time with the family.  I have promised to make Mr CM a coffee cake and Princess wants to help.  Maybe I can get some knitting in tonight when I'm watching TV.  Although Sunday night television is getting a bit drab for me. Bring back Downton and Larkrise TV executives please!
Bye Bye for now


Saphy said...

Harold is great well done.

crafty-mum said...

thank you for your lovely comment xx


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