Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hello everyone!
wow how the weather has changed! Its so cold. I wont post pictures of the snow here as its pretty much the same everywhere!  We have had My littlest sister and her family staying for a few days.  Princess has loved having a playmate and its been good catching up with my sister.  Although going back to having a two year old in the house is a bit of a change!
So what have I been up to I hear you ask? Knitting mostly, with a bit of crochet thrown in for a change about!

I sent a parcel of to Preemies UK.  A couple of blankets and lots of baby Hats  for  use by the special care unit in hospitals.  From now on any Premature Knitting I do will be sent to my local Hospital. 
Peppa pig made to order £15

Peppa pig made to order £15
 I made the Peppa Pig for a little girl.  Her Mummy ordered it for her birthday and I hope she likes it!
It turned out really good and I'm very pleased with it.  
Crochet bag £5
Crochet bag £5
 On the knitting needles now are a Jumper for Princess, No make that two Jumpers for Princess!  and Raa Raa the Lion.  For those of you who dont have access to a two year old,  this is Raa Raa!

He is a noisy Lion who enjoys having fun with his friends!  Believe me after listening to the theme tune a couple of times you will be singing it all day! 

Well I'm off now.
Keep safe and warm where ever you are
Bye for now


pinkundine said...

All your projects look lovely :) I know what you mean about the cold - at least it means I can wear my knitted things though!

EMMA said...

My my you do get a lot done. The little bag is so cute. said...

you are so sweet to knit for the preemies. both my kids were born early, but my son spent 3 weeks in the ICU, anything like this would have made the stay so much less scary.



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