Wednesday, 21 April 2010

perfect home vs sticky fingers

Have you ever had that time when the door knocks and at the door is someone you havent seen for ages is there.  you smile as you are glad to see them, then....................  you get that stomache dropping feeling when you realise you havent dusted or hoovered and they will be expecting to come on in!

well thats the feeling i dont want anymore.  i want to have housework done and dusted, shopping done, tea prepared and a cake in the oven (like the perfect 50s housewife) at all times.

but then princess wants to get the paints out or play a game. No 2 or 3 sons blunder through the door and drop everything as they go.asking for food or clothes etc as they go.  Number 1 son rings as he  needs something or the other,   and all my organising goes out of the window!

but when they have all left home and there is no mess to clean, no smiling faces as they demolish the last slice of cake,  no PE kits to wash or football boots to trip over.  what then? will i relish the clean sterile atmosphere of our home?  will i love the fact that the washing machine goes on only twice a week and the hoovering is always done?
no i will miss the handprints and sticky finger prints.  all the stuff that comes with a family,
maybe I dont want the perfect house after all!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The shack

i recently finished reading this book.
i must say it was amazing!  it shows how God will reach people where they are at to bring them home.
i cant go into too much detail because it will spoil the book but it is a totally recommended read!  it sure blessed me!

my new beautiful niece

last thursday one of my younger sisters had her fifth baby!
weighing 9lb 14oz! my sister is tiny bless her!
but what a beautiful little girl to add to her great family!
i couldnt resist this picture of her chubby chops!

new knitted jumpers

ive been a busy bee just lately.
ive recently knitted two jumpers. one for a order and one for my son. i love the james brett marble wool. it always knits so well and the super cosy result is great! Thw wool is hard wearing and washes well so is perfect for childrens items!
here are the jumpers modeled by my No 2 sons beautiful girlfriend.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


everyone loves a good cake!
i had a day of baking yesterday. i made enough for our family and my brothers!
it always amazes me the joy children get fron a homemade cake.
baking isnt something that comes naturally to me and i have to work at it, but i enjoy learning.
And of course princess had to have a go too! her cakes were lovely! we took them to our friends for tea!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

knitted socks!

ive just discovered the joy oof knitting socks!
(i know i dont get out enough!)
i have made a pair for princess and I and am now working on getting some orders done for people. its really satisfying to see someone cuddled up snuggly in a pair you have created! loving them! of course mine had to be in the funkiest colors i could find!


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