Friday, 31 December 2010

Last post of the year 2010

So its the last post of the year, I'm sat at home just my doggie and I to see in the new year.  After caring for the family for the Christmas period and nursing them all through the flu virus they have all had one after the other since Christmas Eve, eve.  I caught it myself!  S they have all gone off partying and poppy and I are curled up with a Irish coffee and a book I treated my self to with a little Christmas gift I received

its a really good book and the price is great!  if you buy from you don't pay postage which is great!  this book only cost me £2.49 brand new!  its great for a beginner and has plenty of patterns to work through.

I also bought this book  home made gifts

Again a simple book with some great ideas.
I have 30 nieces and nephews and have decided to hand make all of them something for their birthdays next year.  Its a big challenge  but I'm determined to do as many as possible. Its part of my bow out to the consumerist society that we live in.  I reached this decision while shopping in our local Tescos on December 26th and there were Easter eggs and Valentine gifts on sale!  Madness!  What was even worse was that people were buying them!  There was one lady who must have had at least 10 Easter eggs in her basket! I refuse! to bow to the pressure of " buying" and "having to have" any longer

Part of my new beginners this year is to make a simpler life, a Handmade, homemade life.  Getting involved with a Eco- friendly lifestyle that up until now i have been half heartily attempting.  Do8ing my bit to make the world a safer cleaner environment.  One of my projects is to reuse bags.  To refuse plastic bags at the counter and make sure I'm always carrying a reusable bag so it cuts down on pollution.
Wow now i read that back it all seems so much but it isn't really.  little changes in my life to help everyone.  Its not much of a sacrifice is it?

Have a great new year what ever your plans
have fun
Hales xx
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Monday, 27 December 2010

And so its over!

Yummy Christmas day breakfast.

It went as quickly as it came!  our Christmas was very subdued this year as five of the six people living here have managed to catch the winter flu virus!  Christmas day was spent at my younger brothers house with his family and another of my younger brothers family.  They both have young children so its great to be around them all at this time of year.  My brother and his wife made us a beautiful dinner and we were totally spoilt so a big thanks to them!

my family

My children

My poor DH sat in the corner in his PJ's and dressing gown.  Bless him he was too poorly to even get dressed and is still in bed now!

As for Christmas pressies?  Well i was totally stunned!  I had vouchers off No 1 son and his girlfriend (to put towards a new food mixer i have been longing for.  A beautiful cake stand and pasta bowls from DH, perfume off No 3 son and chocolate from princess and no 2 son and girlfriend!  I was really blessed.
One of my favourite presents was from my mother.  she knitted me a mini stocking filled with smellies
thanks mum! its very rare I get a handmade gift so I was very pleased to receive this.

I also got to give mother the lap rug i had made for her.  i crochet red and black stripes, lined with a black fleece and added pockets.  The pockets are to hold her remote control glasses and choccies when she is watching TV.  She lives right out in the country and it gets cold in the evenings so I'm hoping that it will help keep her warm and cosy!
Our dog so wants to snuggle underneath!
with sweeties in the pocket!
The last picture is of a very happy princess with her gift from her Grandma and Grandad.  She loves soft toys and REALLY loves soft snuggly ones like this! His name is chunky.   In fact this has been a regular addition to our bed since Christmas day!  As we co-sleep this is getting a squash! But he is very soft and snug!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and I look forward to crafting with you in 2011!
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

And so the day is nearly here!

So in little over 48 hours it will be the big day itself!  I am looking back and remembering lots of things I've done this year and things that happened in our family.  all in all I believe we are blessed and I thank God for that.
I am also sparing a thought for those less fortunate than us.  In particular the elderly, housebound, people who are lonely and the homeless.  To be homeless in this freezing weather must be awful and I remember them in my prayers

To all my friends new and old, in real life and "tinternet land"  I wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed and happy new year xx
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Challenge 52 - 2011

Hello readers
Although I don't want to believe it myself its nearly the end of 2010.  Where has the year gone!
To start the year I have decided to set my self a challenge.  I intend to make One item (at least!)  every week throughout 2011 And I'm inviting you to join in too!
  Whatever your craft or interest join in and make along! then every Friday link back to here and we will share our creations.  Its all for fun and to share our creations and inspirations.  I look forward to hearing form you xxx

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

More tree decorations

Its getting nearer and nearer to Christmas and so I have been making decorations for our own tree.  Sometimes I get so busy crafting and making for other people I forget about doing it for our place!
Simple crochet circles with bells attached

Red and green pinwheels with decorations. 

Rudolf!  One of Princesses favourites!

And what is Christmas with out the Christmas pud!

Today I will be staying home, watching movies with my daughter and getting on with some knitting.  I have recently bout a pattern with a Nordic style hat which i want to knit for my sister for Christmas.  So clickety click!
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mother in laws christmas pressie!

As the time is ticking away I have had to get cracking with making my handmade presents.
My In laws are big Norwich City football club fans and they attend virtually every Game. So with that in mind I decided to make my mother in law some wrist warmers and woolly socks to keep her cosy in the cold weather.

Princess also bought Grandma a teddy for Christmas.  So that's one persons presents done just 15 more to go! 
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Sunday, 5 December 2010

christmas santa!

I just had to share this photo of my granddaughter.
It will go out as our Christmas card this year. she is such a cutie.  We love her!

Its such a joy to be a Grandparent.  I didn't realise how much love I could have for a child which isn't technically mine.  But she is such a joy and we cant wait till May when she will be joined by a cousin!  2011 is going to be a fun year,  watching our newest princess grow and welcoming a new life into our family.
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Friday, 3 December 2010

its finally finished! (and tree decorations!)

About a year ago I started to make a patch work quilt.  This is the first time I have attempted to create something as big as this but I really wanted one!  Now after twelve months work on and off I have finally completed this project!  Its not a moment too soon with all this snowy weather. perfect for snuggling under with The Princess! (although Last night Mr and our doggie  poppy were tucked up under it!)

I also made a couple of cushions to go with it,

As promised yesterday here are the tree decorations I've been busy working on too! 

Some will be given as presents and the other are for our tree.  All in all I'm feeling very pleased with my self and christmassy!
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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

crafting in the snow!

Well as the weather has been so cold I decided to hibernate and work on some crafts!
Ive been pretty busy!
Frstly I made some needle cases

Then I finished a wall hanging that I've been working on for what seems likes months! This is a gift from my family to our church.  They have been very supportive to us and I wanted to show how grateful we are.

I also had time to make a cat patchwork cushion and  a glasses case

and finally I made a heart mobile.  I love mobiles and had some left over material so I thought why not!

Tomorrow I intend to make some tree decorations.  we are hoping to put the tree up this weekend and decorate the house so some I shall keep to use and The others will be up for sale.  CHRISTMAS!!!!! only 24 days away!
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Doggie Delight!

Hello Lovelies. I was very surprised this week when there was a knock on the door and the local courier stood there with a huge parcel....