Monday, 28 February 2011

Half term week Vintage finds, birthday cake and makes!

Hello everyone
A special hello to my new readers who have come on board in the last couple of weeks.  Its been half term week here.  We have had a pretty relaxed week really.
Mr CM was recovering from his Kidney stone flare up so we spent a lot of time at home.  On Wednesday we went shopping in Lowestoft town.  We took a trip to The High Street and visited the antique and charity shops.  Princess bought a cameo brooch from A antique shop for £2.00 and was very pleased with her find.  I visited the Salvation Army Shop and bought a lovely storage box with handles which after a clean up was perfect as a sewing box to hold all my lovely WIPs of patchwork.
I also picked up two sets of six arm chair covers one with a lace border and one with a beautiful flower design on them.  Mr CM isn't happy about having them on the armchairs  so I will use them in another project.

Beautiful armchair covers/caplets

This doily looks as is it was hand crocheted.  it is beautiful with a blue tipped edge. 

A sheet and pillow case set.  From the 1970s?

another set of armchair covers

A beautifully embroidered table cloth

I got two of these fabric runners.  I'm not totally sure what to do with them yet but i loved the contrast of the browns and lace

At the weekend we visited Mr CMs parents.  We took along our Nephew so Princess would have someone to keep her company.   It was my Mother-in-laws Birthday on Sunday so we had a little tea party for Grandma.  Chocolate cake all round!  We had a lovely time and as usual Grandma spoilt us all!
Princess and Grandma

Birthday cake

Earlier in the week I spent the afternoon with my daughter in law sewing and making bump bands.  She is seven months pregnant and wants to keep the bump covered so we made the bands to go under her usual t-shirts so her tummy doesn't poke  out and get cold.  In the summer I saw it seemed to be the fashion for pregnant ladies to wear little tops and have their tummy's poking out on display.  Now don't get me wrong  I think that a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing to behold and I love to see "blooming" ladies but please cover up!  Anyway I will post some photos of the bum bands soon.

Thank for reading and see you all soon
Hales x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Challenge 52 week 6

So this week has not really gone to plan.  I didn't post my Valentines swap in time so felt terribly guilty when it didn't arrive at my swappers in time for valentines. (although she was very understanding, thanks Jenna x)
 Mr CM had a stay in hospital due to his recurring Kidney stones OUCHIE!  and I  have been feeling quite down lately.  I think its a mixture of My medication being changed and the middle son leaving home. 
I had planned to go to church today as I desperately need some christian friendship at the moment but with Mr CM being poorly that didn't work out.  This is our church
Then again on the positive side I have made a couple new online crafty friends, did a little crafting, half term has started and I treated my self to some union jack fabric which i have cushion making plans for!  Pink for my chair and traditional for Mr CMs.  
So here's this weeks makes.
This is a canvas that I've covered with African print fabric and beads.  I love the big bold colours that come out in the African prints.  I haven't found a home for this yet but its likely it will reside in our stairway!
I have also made a matching picture frame using the same technique and fabric,  I cant show it here as its a present for someone! Once the person has received it i will add some pictures
I also covered some notebooks to give as presents.I got this idea of using vintage pictures off another  blog but cant remember who's!  If its you please get in touch so I can add a link to your work!

I'm also working on the Blanket that was in Lets Knit February edition.
I cant find a link for the pattern but its in here! 
Its taking ages but I guess that's to be expected when I only really knit for a hour or so in the evening if I have time.  It is for our new Grandbaby due in May so it should be finished by then!  Im doing it in pastal colours as we are not 100% sure on the gender but have been told 75% it will be a girl!  Still better to be safe than sorry!
Well bye bye for now
Until next time Happy crafting

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ive just finished reading this book.
Now I have to say that because of the title it is something that I wouldn't usually pick and read but this has turned out to be a great.
  at read.  Struggling with a new baby and a recent house move to a new town the writer lets us into her life and the results are hilarious!  Anyone wanting to put a smile on their face should definitely give this a read!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines!
Mr C-M and I have planned a night of DVDs and cuddles for tonight!  No 3 son is taking care of the Princess so we can watch our films in peace and quiet!  Valentines Day is a funny day isn't it?  Its the day when we show our love and appreciation for our loved one.  The thing is I hope that I do that everyday and even if I don't tell Mr C-M how much I love him everyday , that I show it in  many different ways, everyday.  There are many different ways to show love.   So Mr C-M if you are reading this I love you! LOTS!

So enough of the mush!
I am blessed this year to be taking part in the Bloggy Love swap hosted here
I was paired with the lovely Jenna and in the post i received this lovely package!
Lovely packages!
lovely goodies all for Moi!

Thank you Jenna so much!  I hope you enjoy your gifts too xxx

Challenge 52 week five and Charity shop finds!

We had a family birthday again this week.  It was my nieces birthday and she was four.  I made her a bag and put some necklaces and children's rings inside.  She loved it and said she will use it for school!  The bag is made out of calico, very similar to the bags for life in the supermarkets.  I decorated it with a hexagon patch I had left over from a project I'm working on.

One of my favourite things to do when I have a free afternoon (which doesn't happen very often!)  is to go and look around the Charity shops.  it is amazing the things I find there!  This wee Mr CM and I went Charity shop shopping or as we call it OP-shopping!
We had a lovely time browsing a local high street and had lunch out together alone!  That happens so rarely I can not remember the last time we did it!
Any way......  here are some of our finds

A small wicker basket for the bathroom.  Our bathroom is very small so this is the perfect size for there

A trifle bowl and kilner jar.  Now there are only four of us at home I needed a smaller bowl for making deserts.  This one fits the bills perfectly!  It needed a good clean but after a run through the dishwasher it was sparkling like new!

A porcelain dolly and chair for Princess

Two beautifully patterned sheets perfect fabric for patchwork!
 All this and I spent the grand total of £6.50!  How cool is that!
While we were out Mr CM treated me to this!
 Ive been looking for something like this since seeing one similar on Kirsties Homemade Homes.  It has been put right at the top of my stairs so you see it as soon as you enter the house!  I love it!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Just for the record! I love vintage teacups!

I love vintage teacups!!

Its no secret I love Vintage Teacups and Saucers or even Tea Sets.  I also like to drink my tea out of one,  Much to the amusement of my Family and Friends.  I think there is nothing better than drinking a good quality tea out of a china cup.

My collection is growing and I get some lovely finds in the charity shops.  Recently I bought a Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee plate and cup from a local charity  shop for £5.00.  What a bargain!  I was so pleased.  I find now when we go to jumble sales and carboot sales I am trawling them for crockery.  Retro, Vintage or just plain pretty.
Its so ladylike to use a cup and  saucer, (if a little Mrs Bucket!)
I once heard a quote, "if you want a man to treat you like a lady then act like one"
So intend to and any lady who comes to my home will be offered a cup and saucer to drink their tea from.  I do it and I intend to teach my Daughter and Grand-daughters to do the same.

(These aren't my pictures I found them on Google.  I will add some of my collection later in the week)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Its February already! (challenge 52 week five)

I can hardly believe that its February already!
this week Son No.2 has finally removed all his things from the house.  So hes officially moved out.  Its sad in one way but in another I'm proud that they are making their own lives now.

I also feel I have to make a complaint about Asda Ice cream.  The one below has been on sale at our local Asda for the royal sum of £1.00. Far, far too cheap!  Being this cheap allowed me to add Two pots to my trolley this week.  It tricks you into thinking its a normal Chocolate ice cream.  but once you open it up....... Its got you!  It makes you believe that you just have to eat it with a spoon straight from the carton, to save on washing up a bowl, and before you know it, while watching Lark rise to Candleford you have eaten the whole pot!    Even worse.....   It comes in about five delicious flavours!  Naughty me and shame on the diet!
Naughty Ice cream!

So now to crafting!
Ive been busy making patchwork bags.  I have decided this year to boycott wrapping paper and plastic shopping bags and so Ive been making smaller ones for gift giving and larger ones for shopping.  Here's a couple of the ones Ive made
These are the perfect size to pop little gifts in

Little needle/pin  case filled with some crystal pins

I also made a little needle case to put into a Birthday gift swop I am sending out this week.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I look forward to reading all your lovely blogs this week
hales xx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More poppiness!

I love taking pictures of our little Poppy-dog!
She is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and Chihuahua parents that both belong to my sister. Born in February 2010,  She was somewhat of a surprise having been conceived within a hour of her mother arriving at my sisters house!  Definitely not planned!  She was the only surviving puppy from five siblings and originally went to live with my Mother.  Unfortunately Mothers dog didn't get on with her and attacked her quite badly so she came to live with us to recuperate and we ended up adopting her.  She has lived here since July and settled in with us nicely.  Such a sorry start for her!  Our nineteen year old Yorkshire terrier Jessie-dog took to her like having a baby in the house and they were firm friends.  Unfortunately  Jessie-dog passed away in October and I think Poppy misses her as much as we do. Don't tell her but early in March we have a friend coming to live with us!  Her name is Rosie and she is a Terrier.  We cant wait to add her to our family and I'm sure Rosie and Poppy will become firm friends!
Cosy at bedtime!cosy
Rosie and siblings, Mummy
Rosie aged one week!


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