Monday, 27 February 2017

Current wants!

Hello Lovelies!

In a world where consumerism is at the fore we often buy things almost without thinking.  Things can be bought by just passing a piece of plastic over the counter so money doesnt even change hands.  This year one of my goals is to think before I buy.  I have decided to make a list of things I would like in my bullet journal (read about it HERE) and then go back to it in a few weeks and see if I really do want it.  It stops impulse buying and also most times the prices of items are reduced by the time I get round to buying them!  So here are my current list of wants,

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick  here.  This was on my Christmas list but Santa forgot it!  Priced at £26.00 its quite expensive for a lipstick but just look at that packaging! 

The colours available are beautiful and I should think that there is a colour there to suit every type of skin tone.   I definitely don't NEED this but I sure would like to own it!

I also like the look of THESE.

It is a set of four  Artisan Tealight Set with Rose Quartz. Priced at £8.26 + shipping it will hardly break the bank and it sounds so lovely I can just imagine the smell!  I love artisan products and am always on the look out for more candles!  Its not the same on a winters evening if there not a candle burning! 

As you are aware Ive recently started Journaling and I have been eyeing up this "Fauxdori".

 It comes in a array of leather colours and you can choose the elastic colours too.  I think a purple one would be just perfect for me!  You can find them HERE.  They are priced at £20.99 and are the best priced ones I have found.  I think I would use it as my carry around diary and to-do list. 

Finally I like the look of THESE.  I drink lots of fruit and herbal teas and people don't always have them at their houses so I like to carry some in my handbag.  These are a lovely way to carry them that keep them tidy and all in one place

This would just be perfect to carry around with me and they are only £5!  They look very well made and the fabric is very Cath Kidstoneque.    

So that is my little want list.  Of course I don't need any of these but to have them would be really nice!  Oh and if Mr PB is reading, It is my birthday soon!

Thanks for stoping by
Bye for now

Hales x
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Friday, 24 February 2017


Hi there!

So The latest craze to sweep the beauty world is the Silisponge.  Its a silicone pad which you use to apply foundation in place of a sponge.

It is around the same size as a beauty blender and the best thing about it is it saves on product as the silisponge does not absorb any product.  Its clean as you can wipe it and put it straight back into your cosmetic bag with out it covering everything in foundation.
Its extremely flexible and gets foundation easily into all the areas such as sides of your nose which can sometimes be difficult to cover.
When applying the foundation I found that it kind of smeared the product over my face which was a little strange at first but to be honest I think that the sillisponge works just as well, if not better than the beauty blender. 
The plus points for me are:
1. Flexibility of the sillisponge
2. Easy wipe clean and so easier to store.
3. I'm guessing that the sillispong will last much longer than the beauty blender as it wont fall apart as easily.
4. Hygienically it has to be better doesn't it?  I mean you can anti bacterial wipe the sillisponge therefore eliminating the cross contamination of breakouts.

So all in all I really like this.  You can buy it  HERE  Priced at £5.99

I hope this is a helpful review.
(This review has not been sponsored and all views are my own.)

I hope to see you here again soon.
Bye for now

Hales x

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Miss PB does the disney tag!

Hi there.
Today Little Miss PB is doing the Disney tag.
Shes a big Disney fan so this took a while.  So here we go!

1.) Favourite Character – Merida

 2.) Favourite Princess – Merida

 3.) Favourite Heroine –Merida (I see a theme running through this!)

 4.) Favourite Prince – Flynn Ryder

 5.) Favourite Hero –  Hercules

 6.) Favourite Animal – Maximus the horse from Tangled

 7.) Favourite Sidekick –  Aboo from Aladin

 8.) Favourite Villain – Maleficent

 9.) Favourite Original Character –Minnie

 10.) Favourite Love Song –  I wont say I'm in love -Hercules

 11.) Favourite Song –Just cant wait to be king

 12.) Favourite Villain Song – Cruella de vil

 13.) Least Favourite Song –You can fly - Peter pan

14.) Favourite Kiss – None Its gross!

 15.) The First Movie You Saw –Cinderella

16.) Favourite Classic – Dumbo

 17.) Song that always gets stuck in your head – Hawaiian rollercoster ride

 18.) Favourite Pixar Film –Brave

 19.) Least Favourite Pixar Film –Cars

 20.) Favourite Sequel –Lion king 2

21.) Overrated Movie – Pirates of the Caribbean

 22.) Underrated Movie – The little mermaid

 23.) Movie That Makes You Laugh – Lion king

 24.) Movie That Makes You cry - Toy story

 25.) The Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie – Lion king when Mufasa dies.

 26.) Saddest Death – Mufasa

 27.) Favourite Quote –– Hakuna matata

 I hope you enjoyed the tag, please feel free to do this yourself ,  We'd love to see them.
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Friday, 17 February 2017

My Bullet journal

Hi there lovelies!
Hows things?
Its been lovely and sunny here in Suffolk. A distinct change in the weather. It seems Spring has sprung!

This year Ive decided to give bullet journaling a go.  Its changed my life!  It really has.  No more missing appointments, forgetting friends tea/coffee meet ups, no more missing bill payments.  I'm totally organised!  If you know me you will know this is quite surprising for me!  In fact me being organised is positively  a miracle! 

 So this is how my journal looks.  I bought a LEUCHTTURM 1917 from Amazon .  I also bought a pen holder in which to store my growing number of pens!  Also from amazon you can find it here. It helps me to keep everything together and organised.  its amazing how much stuff you start collecting!
Firstly I set up my "goals for the year".  I didnt want to call it new years resolutions as I never keep to them and then feel dissatisfied with myself, so they are the goals I aim to reach.

I also set aside a page for quotes I hear throughout the year and I either like or are inspirational.
I have a page on books i want to read or have read.  I aim to read twenty books this year.  That is my goal and this page helps me keep track.
I also keep two pages for bible verses that I like.  We have a verse to learn each year for church and that's here.  I like to keep this page so I can turn to a specific verse when i need it!
Typically my weeks are set up like this.  I do a two page spread for each week and it works pretty well.  (I couldn't find a two page spread that wasn't full of my appointments etc!)  I prepare the page two weeks in advance so that I have a idea of what we have in store for that week.

I also keep track of my period and moods in the journal.  I'm interested to see if my moods are affected by my periods.  I'm sure they are but I guess I'm just looking for confirmation.  This is a good way to track it. 

I also have my Christmas list in there! I know its really early in the year but we are on a limited budget and  like to pick up bargains when I see them especially for the grandchildren.  These pages help me to keep a eye on what Ive bought and what I still have to buy.  Its a good system.

I also put in photos of people I love and want to pray for.  This adds something personal to my journal and it helps keep me focused when praying.

 Sometimes its hard to remember to do things you love.  Its important to give oneself love and so I have a small list of things that I like and like to do.  Also new songs that Ive discovered, sometimes played on the radio or stuff I hear coming out of my daughters bedroom!

Finally and most importantly I think I have a gratitude log.  Sometimes in life we forget things we are grateful for and the many blessings we have.  Something as simple as a warm bed to sleep in is something that a person would be extremely grateful for if they didn't have it. And so on.

So that's my journal.  It keeps me grounded and organised.  It gets me where I need to be, when I need to be there.  I challenge you to try keeping one.  Its extremely addictive but great fun.  There are facebook groups you can join to get ideas and meet like minded people.
I'm so glad you joined me today and I hope to read your comments below
Take care
Bye for now 
Hales xx

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Starbucks! Whats the hype?

Hello lovelies!

 So Saturday we went on a shopping trip. We had to have the car MOTed (which sailed straight through praise God!) then decided to stay in Great yarmouth and have a little impromptu shopping trip. I picked up a few stationary items from wilkos for my bullet journal. (which btw I'm loving!) Melody got a few bits for school and Nige walked away with a plastic container in which to store the cat food! (we know how to live the high life!) Melody convinced us that it would be a good idea to go to starbucks for a cuppa. We caved in although I would rather support a independent coffee shop, starbucks was nearer. |So in we went.

Firstly the seating.  Its all higgledy pigglety. Theres some sofas dotted around.  Some really small tables with four chairs and other bar type seating.  It was a struggle to find somewhere to sit.  Although this was mainly because it was a Saturday and very busy in the town.
So we got our drinks.  I had a tall cappachino, Nige had a flat white coffee and Melody had a hot chocolate with a caramel shot.  It came to £10.30. £10.30! £10.30!!!

For that price I wanted to keep the mugs and bring them home with me!  I couldn't believe it!  Now call me tight or call me frugal but that's extortion!  The coffee was lovely and you could taste the quality.  I guess in this life you get what you pay for but I wont be returning there in a hurry!
What are your thoughts on over priced coffee!
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Friday, 10 February 2017

Pro artist Palette Tam beauty

Hello My lovelies!

Today I would like to talk to you about the Tam beauty #Pro artist palette.
This is  a magnetic palette which you fill with the eye shadows and highlighters of your choice.
The size of the palette is big enough to hold eighteen of the pro artist  eye shadows.  They are of standard size so you could potentially use any other brand of eyeshadow pots to fill your palette. Its the palette that is magnetic not the eye shadows.

It has a full sized mirror on the inside that I love about it.  I like my palettes to have mirrors as it saves all the fiddling about with trying to hold a mirror and a palette at the same time! Its made from a good solid plastic.  Some of the more expensive palettes are made from cardboard.   Being made from study material, you know its going to last you a long time. 
sorry for the rough picture, its extremely hard to photograph a mirror!
The only down side to this palette is that the eye shadow are not very good.  This surprised me as Make up revolution/Tam beauty are a brand I use often and enjoy their products immensely.  They are very chalky and crumble in the metal cases which in turn make a huge mess in the palette.  As I said this is a real disappointment as the palette is so lovely and at £5.00 is a lot cheaper than other brands alternative. 

So, In summing up I would say buy the Palette!  Its of a good quality and the finish on it is lovely.  You can find it here .  It would be a welcome addition to any make up collection and you wont regret it.  The eye shadows and highlighters however I would give a miss.  You could fill this pallet with other brands.  there are some here for instance.  The palette is worth buying just for the size, look and quality.  I think the other brands of magnetic palettes pale in comparison to this one if I'm honest.

I hope this review has been helpful to you and I look forward to hearing your opinions on it.

Look after yourself
Bye for now
Hales xx

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Essential oils

Hello lovelies! Coming to you again from a very cold Suffolk! Most morning Nige has to de-ice the car before the school run. I have to say though I do enjoy this type of weather. The lovely patterns the ice makes on the windows, the crunching of the frost underfoot, watching your breath escape your body in smoke effect curls! There is something special about having the family all gathered in in the evening and tucking in to casseroles and hot chocolate.  Its a time of year I have a great fondness for.

This week my Fibromyalgia has been particularly painful.  I find it is more painful during the damp weather.  So mostly I have been relaxing and snuggling up with books or reading blogs.

A friend of mine recently sent me some essential oil blends to try for pain relief.  I tried a rather smelly concoction on my legs as they had been particularly painful.  I hadn't been able to sleep due to the pain but I thought id give the oil a try.  I had the BEST nights sleep ever!  The oils soothed my legs and after a while the smell wasn't that bad after all.

Now my friend is part of a organisation called young living.  So having been so impressed with the results I duly signed up to their website.  I quickly found out its somewhat of a pyramid scheme.  The starter kit is a cool £95.00!
Something I'm not at all interested  in.  But I liked the effects of the oils.  So Ive decided to give the essential oil thing ago.  Ive purchased some oils and along with the ones I already own (things like Lavender & Tea Tree) I am building quite a collection up.  I have ordered a guide to essential oils from amazon.  It can be found here.  I am still waiting for it to arrive so I will review it when it does.  I have the crystal book in the same range and it is a through and comprehensive guide so I'm hoping it will be the same.
I intend to use the oils and oil mixtures for pain relief.  To be honest the prescribed drugs aren't doing too much so I'm up for trying a alternative.  I will let you know how I fare!

Do you use essential oils to ease pain or for other areas in your life?  If so please comment below as I would love to hear tried and tested recipes!

Bye for now

Hales xx

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Gucci bag dupe for £20!

Hi Lovelies! Little Miss PB Likes to watch Zoella. (Shes a youtuber. Her videos are aimed at young teenagers, early twenties type people) I was watching her the other night doing a favourites video and coveted a handbag that she has. So I thought why not look it up? You can find it here.$ja=tsid:32619|prd:136348&cm_mmc=AFFIL-_-AWIN-_-136348-_-0RpXOIXA500&awc=3539_1486374498_80e2c9ddabd0c00270a71cc572f8d498&utm_source=Affiliates&utm_medium=136348&utm_term=na&utm_content=na&utm_campaign=na

Cough splutter!  I nearly passed out when I saw the price! £715.00!!
Yes that's seven hundred and fifteen pounds!  But I loved it!  There is no way my budget would stretch to even a quarter of that price.  If I'm honest not even a tenth!  So I set myself a mission.  Find myself a inexpensive dupe!
And find one I did!  Here

Picture from JD Williams website
Now I know its not exactly the same  but for me its a good dupe.  I ordered it and it arrived within three days. 
Picture from JD Williams website
I love the gold hard wear on the little pocket buckle. The front has a little pocket in the front perfect for holding your mobile phone or keys.  It has a secure buckle so would be difficult for pick pockets to access.  I also love the little tassel pull  on the zip.

It has a handy shoulder strap and this is adjustable with a buckle.  I just love this little bag!  At £20 its a lot cheaper than the Gucci one and just as stylish.  I shall wear my bag with pride.

Pop over to JD Williams and see their bags.  You wont be disappointed!

(this post was not sponsored by JD Williams. I was not paid for my opinion and I purchased the bag out of my own money.  All opinions are my own) 

Take care of yourselves
Bye for now
Hales xxx

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Imbolc and being a Christian

Hello lovelies!

The 2nd of February marks Imbolc.  For those who don't know it is a festival in the pagan calender.
It marks the breaking of winter and the coming spring.  We celebrate the return of the sun and look forward to the warmer weather and spring approaching.  To the daffodils and snow drops poking their heads through the soil and giving us a riot of colour to cheer our days.  As the warmer days appear we look forward to the spring equinox and all that brings.  Imbolc is kind of a halfway point between winter solstice and spring solstice.  Its a chance to spring clean and fling open the windows and let the fresh cold air flow through the house making the stale air from our homes (shut up over winter) blow away! 

We are Christians but we keep the festivals of the year.  I personally consider myself as a christian pagan.  Ive been told many times that this is a contradiction of terms but I believe not and let me tell you why.
The wheel of the year and the solstices etc are all naturally occurring events.  I believe God made the world and so any changes that are made to it (for example seasonal changes) are from him.  I believe that the Gods and Goddesses (mother nature etc) are in fact angels who look after the earth.  Angels were sent to earth to guard the gates of Eden to stop Adam and Eve returning, the Bible tells us this.  So we know that angels tread the earth.  I shall be burning a candle to celebrate the coming of warmer days and the fast approaching spring!

Tell me your thoughts below

Bye for now

Hales xxx
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Doggie Delight!

Hello Lovelies. I was very surprised this week when there was a knock on the door and the local courier stood there with a huge parcel....