Wednesday, 26 July 2017

And Im back!!!

Hello lovelies!

So after a short break, I'm back!   The break was nothing special.  No time away or illness.  I just ran out of things to say!  Can you believe it of me!   I feel refreshed and ready to start blogging again.  So here I am sat at the laptop waiting for inspiration to pop into my head!  But non is forthcoming!

I could write about how its the school summer holidays right now here in the UK.  I always find the summer break a time for relaxing and catching up.  A contradiction of terms but the days are less rigid and stuck to routine and a timetable because of course there are no school runs, No uniform to be washed, no lunches to be made.  The catching up is learning to have the children round all day everyday (which I love BTW).  A time of bonding as we do things together, go places and experience things together.  I love the summer break and am always quite despondent when the tie comes in September for the return to school.

I could also talk about how Miss PB is going to High school in September!  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!  After 26 years of school runs we will no longer have to take and fetch a child from primary school.  She is the last one f ours to leave primary school.  As I am unable to have more children, this is it!  Where has that time gone!  it doesn't seem that long ago I was gripping a nervous little boys hand while introducing him to his teacher in reception and now our last little bird has left primary school.  She has had the best experience at Primary school and I pray she will experience the same at high school.

Well, after having nothing to say Ive certainly made up for it!  Visit us again next week and hopefully I wont be as waffly!

Bye for now

Hales xx


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