Wednesday, 25 January 2012

For Sale

Hello there
I am havinga clear out and have the follwing items to sell

All books are £4 + postage

‎72 triangles made for bunting but never used. recycled fabric      £5 +postage

girls cot top quilt (no backing) 55cm x 85cm approx   £5 +postage

the start of a eye spy quilt £7 + Post
vintage fabric quilt top unfinished £12 + postage

If you would like any of the above please leave a comment and i will get back to you xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

knitting and crafting away!

Hello there!
I know, two posts in two days!  Amazing isn't it!

Well i thought that i would show off my latest make.
Lovely ponytail

His name is Harold.  I finally finished him and he is going to be a one off knit for me as it was far too fiddly!

At the moment my WIPs include a little tank/vest top for Princess kind of based on this one here
I got the idea from this pattern but I'm making the top up as i go along.  Pretty much.

Also i am working on Mr Twizzle for my nephew here he is courtesy of Jean Greenhowes website
Ive knitted him up and now just have to add the extras.
I also bought some fabric to make my GD1 a patchwork quilt.
loving the flowers!

I haven't made her a quilt yet so I thought it was about time.  I love the different shades of blue and I'm excited to start this.  I cant decide on the pattern but i am leaning more towards the hexagon pattern. 

Today will be mostly spending time with the family.  I have promised to make Mr CM a coffee cake and Princess wants to help.  Maybe I can get some knitting in tonight when I'm watching TV.  Although Sunday night television is getting a bit drab for me. Bring back Downton and Larkrise TV executives please!
Bye Bye for now

Saturday, 21 January 2012

keeping things for best

Last week I decided to buy a teapot. Our eldest and his family had given us some Argos vouchers for Christmas and we had some left over do I thought id use them.
I decided on this one here 

At that time it was £12.99 but you got a set of teacups and saucers free with it so I thought it was quite a good deal.  That's until I got it home.  The quality was terrible.  Really rough edges and you struggled to get a decent amount of tea out of it.  So back it went. 
I thought I would look in Tesco or Asda when we did our shop.  Then I decide to give my china a quick once over.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my china! I have a lovely collection of vintage tea sets and cups and saucers mostly bought from charity shops and car boot sales.  I was washing my teapot which is kept on the kitchen  window sill and I thought "why not use this teapot?" "ooo no"  I said to myself  "that one is for best"  ( I often have these conversation with myself or God when I'm poodling round!)

My Christmas present from my daughter

But when does best come around?  Is it when rarely seen relatives come over?  When old friends come around for a cuppa?  I think that I am wonderfully and perfectly made (Psalm 139:14) Good tells me so, so I believe it!   So every day should be a special day.  A day for bringing out the best and using the best and being the best.
My first cuppa which  enjoy on my own in the morning thinking about the day and having time just me and God. The second I have with Mr CM about 8am where we are rushing around getting things ready.  Then the third we have together at around 9.30 am when princess and Son 3 have left for school/college the house is quiet and we have chance to talk.  All those are special cups of teas.  When my mother visits and we knit over a cuppa.  That's a special time too..  When friends come over and we catch up on each others news, once again this is a special time.
So now my "for best" teapot gets used everyday!

Oh course this applies to other things (not just teapots!)  Why not put on those shoes you have been keeping for best,  give yourself a spray of that expensive perfume you have kept for special occasions.
Just make today the "best" day.  Go on you deserve it!
Bye Bye for now

Monday, 9 January 2012

A busy first week!

And here is why!

The Gruffalo!  My daughter absolutely loves the Gruffalo.  I may have mentioned it once or twice here!

She first discovered the book when she  was about two years old.  It has become a bedtime constant and now she reads it to us.  We know all about his knobbly knees and turned out toes and his purple prickles!  So when i found the pattern for him here ravelry  I knew he was a must knit.  So I got him finished and my nephew saw him.  Now he wants one,  then my brother-in-law asked for one for my niece.  So now I am knitting no. 3 .  Well it keeps me busy!


I forgot to show one of my makes from the week before Christmas.  It was so cold and Poppy our little chichi dog was getting really cold.  So I whipped her up a little jumper. I put it in her stocking Christmas eve. Please excuse the marks on the jumper.  as soon as she had unwrapped it Princess insisted on taking her for a walk!  Even if it was raining!


It was made from old odds and end yarns that i had left over from other projects so was the perfect stash buster!

its really cosy and Poppy loves it!  She looks so cute in it. 

I was blessed to receive this book


It has some fantastic patterns in.  one of my favourites is the huggy bunny.  I feel I will be making a few of those this year! 

On the needles today is this


Isn't he so cute!  I have been waiting to start him for ages!  He is the town crier from the Jean Greenhowe knitted hedgehogs pattern book.  I cant wait till he's finished!

Well that's all from me today.  Have a lovely blessed week

Bye bye for now x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to 2012

Hello everyone!  Happy new year!  I hope you had a blessed Christmas however you spent it.  for us it as mainly spent with family.  We made a visit to Mr CMs parents just before Christmas and then spent the day itself with our children and my two little brothers and their families.
well they are younger than me!

It was a nice day all round.  My two elder sons came along with their families although Son No 1  had to leave after a hour as he was playing darts with my brothers and managed to dislocated his arm so needed to go to the hospital.  Merry Christmas!

Family time is very important to me and I love being with my children and Grandchildren.  The years have flown  its only when I sit and look at them I realise how fast it has gone!
Sleeping at Grandmas and Grandads

New Years eve was a new one for Mr CM and I.  We spent our first one ever alone with none of our children at home!  We have never been without at least two of them at home and they were all gone!  we enjoyed the time by snuggling up watching a film and eating choccies!

Princess has just discovered the Joy of having a sleepover.  Last week I was saying to my sister-in-law how she wouldn't sleep out and Mr and I couldn't have any nights out etc.  Then on Friday she announced to my brother that she wanted to sleep at his.  she was quite insistent so we let her sleep.  All the time we were expecting the midnight phone call to pick her up but it didn't come.  She had a great time!  Then last night she asked her big brother could she sleep there!  First we couldn't get her to sleep out and now we cant get her home!
GD2 enjoying her choccies!
New years resolutions?    I shall carry on with my Challenge 52 that I completed last year but apart from that I have decided to take things as they come.  We are looking forward to the birth of our third grandchild and enjoying spending time with our other two granddaughters.  I want to learn a new craft and also make a couple of Union Jack cushions for our sofa but i have all year to do that!

Well time to go.  I hope your new year will be filled with Love and blessings and I look forward to reading and hearing about everyones adventures in 2012!

A cleaner version of GD2!


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