Friday, 13 April 2018


Hi Lovelies!

You know, I was reminded this week how life is so precious.  We get one shot at it and we aren't like cats and have nine of them!  How are lives turn out is shaped by many different things, enviroment, experiences, the way we are treated and how we treat others in return.  Many things can effect the way our lives evolve.  But the main thing is how we decide to live it.

For example, there are many examples of the bullied becoming the bully, but on the other hand there are even more cases where the bullied become defenders and saviours of others.  So you see although our lives are touched by circumstance it doesnt mean it has to be driven by it. I guess what im trying to say is,  make your life reflect you.  You may have been dealt the most awful cards in life but you know what?  You control your life and the way it goes.  You control the direction your life will travel.  If you dont like the way your life is going, change it!  Make it reflect the person you really are.  Have a life which you want and love.  The world is out there for you to enjoy!  Go enjoy it!

Bye for now!

Hales xxx
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Doggie Delight!

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