Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Things change in life

Hello Lovelies.

In our lives things often change.  We get married have children, work, progress in our careers, some marriages don't make it and some do.  Some people find the love of their lives first time round and for others it takes two or three or more attempts.  

Mr PB and I in the early days

When we dont know what our future holds it can be pretty scary stuff!  We kind of have a plan for our futures of how our lives will map out but then things change and we are left floundering!
Its difficult when you are going through changes and sometimes its hard for others to understand.  Our children have grown up except for the girl child who is very much her own person now at nearly 14 years old and so Mr PB and I are embarking on some pretty life changing stuff ourselves.

We have been considering things for quite a while and although nothing is finalised just yet there is a very very good chance we will be leaving our home and moving to somewhere new.  We may be embarking on new careers, who knows.  All we do know is that what ever we do do, it will be together and as one!  

Bye for now
Hales xxxxxx
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Thursday, 9 May 2019

100 Books I wish to read!

Hello lovelies

I hope you are all well.

As regular visitors here will know I have a love of reading.  I read any chance I can get and always have two or three books on the go at one time.  It drives Mr PB crazy that there are so many books in the house and yet I cant pass a charity shop without nipping inside to see if there are any books that catch my eye!  

I often buy books on a whim and to be honest I'm running out of space so, with that in mind I have decided to compile a list of 100 books I would like to read before I'm 50 years old!

Now I am only 44 years old right now and so I have six years to complete the list! 

 Of course these are not the only books I shall be reading but the list will give me a good variety and keep my reading in some kind of order. Or not as the case may be!

It would be nigh on impossible for me to complete the list right now and so I shall keep adding to the list as I find books that interest me and crossing off those which I have read!So without further ado here is my list!

1. The Red sister

3. Home Going home going

4. The dark and hollow places (follow up to the forest of hands and teeth which I loved!)

5.  Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now!   (Ive heard mixed reviews about this but I think its worth a read)

6.  Twisted tales - A whole new world! (I'm slowly making my way through the series!  For those of you who don't know these are books telling the classic fairy tales with a completely new spin on them!

  7.  The Binding 

8.Lost boy - A retelling of Peter Pan in Wendy's words

 9. Bye Mam I love you - Sonya Oatley
  11.  Judah's wife - Angela Hunt

  12. Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs Book #1)

13.  Mice of the round table -Merlin's last quest

14. The End - Mark Hitchcock

15.  Does Your Tongue Need Healing? by Derek Prince

16.  Women of the Word - by Jen Wilkin 

17. Love Letters Of Great Men And Women by Ursula Doyle

19 The wisdom of Sally red shoes - Ruth Hogan

20. Little house on the Prairie 

21. The Silent Companions: by Laura Purcell 

22. When I Was Invisible by Dorothy Koomson

23.  The Sapphire Widow - Dinah Jefferies

24.  This is going to hurt - Diaries of a junior Doctor - Adam Kay

25.  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Phew!  So that is the first instalment of my book list!  All of these books are available on Amazon and if Mr PB is reading this, any are suitable as a gift for Moi!I shall be back soon with the second instalment and if you have any recommendations for books you feel I may enjoy please feel free to comment below!

Bye for now!

Hales xx

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Monday, 6 May 2019

Showers in May!

Hello Lovelies!

Firstly my apologies for the lack of posts.  I was writing a series of Easter posts when I was taken ill.  Unfortunately I was unable to finish the series and havent posted since!  Thank you for the messages asking where I was and why I hadnt posted.  Its lovely to know you are missed and I do apprieciate it very much!

So with that being said, I hope that you have had a great Easter break and are enjoying this lovely bank holiday! 

Unfortuntaly here at Sunny Suffolk the weather has been quite a mixed bag!  We nipped into town (Mr PB and I) to take our grandaughters books back to the libary.  We had the intention of browsing the shops but as we left the libary it absolutely bucketed it down!  We even had hailstones!  In May!  So we decided against it and instead came home.  Home is a five minute drive and by the time we got home it had stopped raining and the sun was out!  Its so interchangeable.  You get up in the morning and dress for cold weather and by the afternoon we are all wearing t-shirts and shorts!  Whats going on!

I am hopeing that today (Monday 6th May) We shall beable to get out into the garden and give it some much needed maintainence as it is in a sorry old shape.  Last year it was pretty much neglected with the exception of a bit of pruning and mowing the lawn, it was pretty much left to its own devices.  That means that this year it will need even more work.  I do love a spot of gardening but stryggle phyically to keep up with it.  Mr PB however has the fitness and strength but absolutly hates gardening!  That is where we compliment each other!  He does the heavy stuff, the lifting mowing etc and I do the pretty things like putting in plants and flowers!  We are blessed in that we have a small sized garden which is half patio and half lawn.  This means that there isnt too much gardening really.

What will you be doing on your bank Holiday?

Bye for now
Hales x
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Doggie Delight!

Hello Lovelies. I was very surprised this week when there was a knock on the door and the local courier stood there with a huge parcel....