Thursday, 22 October 2009

hello everyone.
i had these pictures sent to me by a lady who had bought the hats/scarfs the girls are wearing from me.
they look beautiful. im always happy when i get good feed back from my customers. The girls make great models x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

hi there

ive just found a new craft site which has lots of patterns and ideas to try out.

i intend to try out the crazy little bird pattern. its well worth a look for those of you who enjoy their crafting .x

Monday, 12 October 2009

getting up early!

wicked weatherImage by alexdecarvalho via Flickr

i love the autumn and winter they are my favourite seasons. no doubt about it! what i don't like is the fact my body changes to adapt the the difference
this ends up with a crazy sleep pattern! two teenagers who wont get out of bed! (in fact that happens when its summer as well) and the old battle of when to put the heating on! i have a rule that I've always stuck to. it is on 1st November, off the 1st march! regardless of the weather. if you are cold put on a jumper and bed socks and i never let the house get too hot. i think if we all stuck to that rule then the benefits to the environment would be great but also we would save money which is even better!

winter ahh lovley
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Thursday, 8 October 2009

fabric patchwork sacks for christmas

today i have been making patchwork sacks for christmas.

they are patchwork on the front and plain fabric on the back.
they tie up with a draw string. great for putting under the christmas tree. i have also been making smaller ones that hang on the tree. really pretty way to give your loved one a present

tree hanging bags

£4 each. personalised with one name for £1.00

medium sacks Approx 1ft x1ft £7.00

large sacks approx 2ft x 2ft
£10.00 each
personalised with one name for £1.00

if you would like to buy one please contact me at

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

more hats!

ive made a lovely chunky wool hat and button up scarf set yesterday. (modeled as usual by Princess)

its super chunky wool so its really warm!
this one is sold but they are made to order so if you would like one please get in touch.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

i have been making hat and scarf sets. modeled here by our princess
they are £7.00 each (£8 for adults) and can be done in many different colours. made to order.
please get in touch it you would like a set at

Sunday, 4 October 2009

For sale items

The following items are for sale or can be custom made.
if you have a specific order please get in touch!

Childrens Tree Hanging Stockings.

personalised and ready to be filled with sweets etc for a christmas treat!

£2.50 each

tree hanging dolls
Father and Mrs Christmas, Elf & Angel
£10 a set

crocheted hats £6 each.
many colours custom made

childrens hats. crocheted £5 each. made to order

Saturday, 3 October 2009

making curtains from a wall hanging

i recently bought a throw type wall hanging. it was made in india and has beautiful patterns and colours on it. it is too big to put on our walls and has been hanging around doing nothing. so i decided to turn it in to curtains. there is a storage space we have between the lounge and utility room which is a dead space but now with the curtain up its usable for more storage.
and also the beautiful fabric gets to be shown off!

Friday, 2 October 2009

decluttering part two!

our utility room has always been a problem area. mostly because the kids have started to use it as somewhere to dump their stuff! but also because of the amount of laundry we do.

About a year ago we bought a storage system from B&Q. it was really expensive and i think the sheves were about £15 each. well we went into Homebase yesterday and had a look through their sale stuff. they had the rack and storage baskets in the sale for £1.99! so we bought some and fitted them. At last the utility room is fully functioning! and looks tidy too! (well at least for now!)

i love bargain sales!

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

christmas crafts

As we only have 12 weeks till christmas !!!!!!! eeeekkkk!

ive have made a start on the christmas gifts. for our nieces and nephews i have knitted christmas stockings which we will fill with sweets and gift voucher for them. ive personalised them all with their names and they can hang them up year after year. i have loads to make and so far have managed to make 15!

also i have been making little dollys for hanging on the tree. . i intend to put them on my website to sell. there are Mr & Mrs Cristmas, a Christmas elf and a angel. they make lovely decorations for the tree or cute little dollys to play with. i had fun making them and i love Christmas so this is starting to get me in the mood for it!

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patchwork cushion or quilt?


i have just started working on a patchwork piece. im not sure what i want to do with it yet. my first thought was to make a quilt for The Princess' bed. then when i had finished the main body of the quilt i thought it would look quite good as scatter cushions for Princess and a friends daughter. i cant get to the fabric shop till monday for the things i need to finish it so i guess i have till then to decided! Anyway! heres a photot graph of my work in progress!

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