Friday, 15 July 2011

Guest post by Cally

Cally’s Creations - Affordable and Unique art!

My name is Cally Clark Traversari and I am a self taught artist from Birmingham, currently living in Wolverhampton. I have always been a creative person and have enjoyed art since I was a child. I have only just recently (March 2011) been painting and creating to sell, as I lost my job in October and needed something to keep me going when I wasn’t successful finding a job. Although I haven’t found a 9 to 5 I would now class being an Artist as my job. I know it doesn’t bring in a regular wage, but it’s much more rewarding as my creative business continues to grow.
I would desrcibe my work as unique, whimsical, vibrant, and most importantly affordable. I see many artists selling their work very expensive these days, so I decided to create affordable art for everyone, whether it be for their home, as a gift or their office space.

Here are a couple of artworks I currently have for sale:
Spooky Friends Original Canvas Painting
We're Glad it never rained Today original Canvas Painting

I not only sell original pieces but prints, too, at insanely small costs. I also sell printed postcards and various other items with my designs on. I am currently trying to expand this part of my business, however.
I also have recently started creating one off personalised paintings for new borns, children, for special occasions
that you can give as gifts!

If you want to check my work out further you can visit my official web page or go to my page on facebook.

( website is www. callyscreations. and

Hope to see you soon!

Is that okay? Let me know if you need anything else :) And could you send it me once you've posted it please?
Spoky Friends

£75 including postage

16x20 inches (thin canvas)

My newest designs in various sizes and materials. All details of paintings will be below their first picture. Please e-mail for more details about buying :) Thanks xBy: Cally's

Monday, 11 July 2011

Growing a Giant Granny!

Happy Hippie July everyone!

Well once again I have been laid up with a rather nasty chest Infection which has egged on my Asthma leaving me quite poorly.   I thank God for Mr CM as I have spent the weekend in bed while he has ran the house. (and a fine job he has done too!)
With that in mind I will be posting items I have made over the last couple of weeks put haven't had the time  to post about.  I have been so tired that for the last week I have been unable to even pick up a crochet hook as I have felt  so rough.

An Angel I made by adapting a Holly Hobby eighties knitting pattern

Rear of the angel.  Shes stands about 8 inches high

A Doll my brother commissioned as a gift for my mother
It took me a full half day to add the hair to her.  Each strand was individually added and took ages!

Cards made using vintage photographs
This is a card for my daughters school teacher

I used "bubble" type stickers for the following cards.

My favourite card. 
I love love butterflies! This little girl is so cute!

My first ever Granny square cushion!

And of course it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't modeled by princess

I have been catching up on all the blogs Ive missed and Ive decide to join in with the giant Granny rug/blanket challenge hosted here.  Its something Ive wanted to do one for ages and I really Fancy the idea of having a cosy crochet blanket over our bed on the cold winter nights. Why not join in?  There's no time limit on the completion (although I have set the end of September as personal challenge)
So far I'm on 14 rounds  and so have a fair way to go to make the required 200 round to finish!
I will add some photos on my next post.

Thank you for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments
Bye Bye for now


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