Monday, 30 May 2011

Another new princess!

We have a new a princess!  Our beautiful second Grandaughter was born on wednesday and she is so beautiful!  I was honored to be asked to be present at the birth and it was a amazing experience.  I have seen many babies born (being the eldest of ten siblings!)  but i have to say I have never experienced a birth like that.  The birth was beautiful and mum was so calm and totally in control!  Seeing our precious grandaughter enter the world was a amazing moment. I saw a completely different side to my No. 2 son as he supported and helped DIL 2 through the labour.  There love for each other brought a tear to my eye and im sure they will be a lovely family. 
Mr CM is in love with yet another girl and goes all misty eyed when he holds her!  Well instead of me blathering on I will leave you with some pictures of the happy event!

Very proud Grandma
Cuddles with Grandad
Son 3 proud to be auncle again

Princess with her new neice

Four generations of ladies
Mummys and Daddys Princess
The happy family!

Crochet class Pirates of the carribean and carboot bargains

I have decided to learn to crochet.
Well I say learn, I can crochet already but found it difficult to do from a pattern (read difficult as impossible!)
.  So I signed up for a class at our local wool shop with Heather and Joan.  The first class was great.  I had missed the first class due to being in hospital so the other ladies had already settled in.  And what a lovely bunch they are.  We had a great time chatting and crocheting away.  There were lots of different ages and ability's there and it was chat and craft all the way with everyone helping each other out and laughing at each others attempts!
 I started a crochet poncho for the new granddaughter we are waiting for (Lottie if you are reading this get a move on will you!)  I was addicted to it!  I couldn't wait to finish it and Mr CM had to make tea that evening as I was determined to get it finished!  I'm so pleased with it and cant wait to see it on the new bubs!  (again Lottie we are waiting!)
So the next day I was down the wool shop again getting a new pattern and wool to make a wrap for myself!  I cant wait to finish it!  We have a wedding to attend in July so I shall be using it then.  I rarely make anything for my self so it will be lovely to wear one of my own creations.  When its finished I will post some pictures up.

Yesterday I went to the local car boots with the family.  There are two ones local to us on a Saturday and they are close to my sister and mothers houses so we get to pop in there after for a well deserved cuppa!
I found so beautiful Vintage china.  A lovely jug and plate set which i did buy on separate stalls but they go together perfectly!  I also bought a !970s coffee set which I loved but Mr CM made me feel guilty with exclamations of "where on earth are we going to put that everywhere is full!"  so I gave it to my mother to put on her dresser as its too pretty to put away.  I will add pictures later as once again blogger is doing its own thing!

To finish the day I went to the picture to see Pirates of the Carribean with my sister in law and DIL.  We had a lovely time and this iscertainly a rare treat!  The last time I went to the cinema it was to see the Spiderwick cronicles with my two neices!  The film is brilliant.  I have to say im not a huge fan of the POC films but II do like Jonny Depp and he acted his heart out in this one!  Penelope Cruz takes on a good part too and is very different from other things Ive seen her do  It had all the things a good film should, action, adventure, comedy, romance and twists and turns you dont expect!  I wont go in to details as if you havennt seen it,  it will spoil it for you.  I will just say it is a must see film!

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Hello there
I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.  Im not one for extreme heat so this weather is just perfect.  The only downside is that princess stays awake later and so its harder to wake her up!  She is usually such a earlier riser that it usually her waking us up!  Still its half-term next week so she can have some lie ins!  I love half terms and always have since the boys were really small.

We are still waiting for number two grandchild.  She is determind to keep us waitting.  Grandad is so excited and keeps hastleing the Mum-to-be.  He has the car on stand by to take them to the hospital as they dont drive and I think hes a little broody but wont admit it!

Well enough with the gossip!  and on to the crafting!  I thought i would try my hand at tiara making.  Its something ive wanted to do for a while and Mr CM bought me this book to try out.  To be honest the book was hard to follow and not really very helpful, but i found that i could learn as i went along.
Here are some of my atempts which have sold already so iI must be doing something right!  Please excuse the quality of the phots but you get the general idea.

This post has taken me two days to load!  When everyone in blogland was saying how much blogger had been playing up I had no problems!   Now I get it!
Well thanks to you all for  stopping by to read, I am off to catch up with everyone elses blogs as google reader tells me I have 223 new blog posts to read!  time to settle down with a cuppa me thinks!
Bye for now lovelys xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

And so im back!

It has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been very ill with pneumonia which required a lengthy stay in hospital.  To those that I owe parcels to I promise to get them off as soon as possible.  One of the worse things about being in hospital is that I missed all the hype about the Royal wedding.  Although my older children and littlest sister came in to the hospital to watch it on television with me and tried to make it as special as possible it wasn't the same.
We had planned to have a big family party at our house.But never mind!

My hospital room beautifully decorated waiting for the wedding
Before I got too ill I took part in a craft fair with my sister who makes jewellery.  Unfortunately it didn't go to well.  My sales totaled £5.50 so it was a little disheartening but I don't think it was the right kind of venue to get  many sales so I will try again once I feel 100%.
A little part of our stall
we now have only two weeks until our second grandchild is due.  The time has just zipped past!  We are all getting very excitted but the mum-to-be is just hot grumpy and tired bless her
I will leave you with a few photos of the days out we did manage to have during the extended half term.  Mostly I was sat down resting while Mr CM and the older children ran around with The Princess!
Taking a train ride at Africa Alive

Mr CM doing a charity disco for Megans world

Princess all excited about visting Pets corner a local Petting zoo

Son No.2 trying to convince Princess to feed the goats!
fedding the goats

Mr CM doing his best impression of a meerkat!

Am I tall enough yet Mummy?

Milking a" Cow"
Well thats all for now. I hope you are all well and are enjoying this beautiful weather x


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