Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Branded Choclate Vs ALDI alternatives!

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Today we have been testing out branded chocolate bars and comparing them to the ALDI alternatives. Its a hard job but someone had to do it! So we choose four different chocolate bars and then bought the ALDI alternatives. All the branded chocolate was bought from pound land so oh course was £1.00 for four.  With the exception of the tunnocks bars which were six in a pack.

So firstly we have the Mars bars And their alternatives the racer bars.  

  We opened them and tried the mars first.  it had the usual soft caramel and nougat covered with chocolate.  It tasted like... well a normal Mars bar! Opening the Racer bar, which is the ALDI alternative, the first thing we recognised was that they are the same size.  Good start!  They come in a pack of 6 for 65p.  We tasted them and found they indeed did taste like a mars bar.  For the price we were very impressed.!

Next on to the tunnock caramel bars.  These are Mr PB's favourite ever chocolate snack.  On tasting we saw that they were layers of caramel followed by layers of wafer in between and then covered in chocolate.  Very tasty!  The Aldi alternative was the same structure of caramel and wafers.  They cost 81p for a pack of eight.  Upon tasting we saw that once again these were very similar to the branded tunnocks and apart from their not being as many layers we couldn't see much difference. 

On to the Snickers bars

The alternative to the Snickers is the Titan bar.  They retail at 65p for six.   This time after tasting the Titan bar we did see a difference.  There is a lot of caramel and not many peanuts.  After having such good experiences we felt a little let down by these and we give you a thumbs down for these ALDI. We will not be repurchasing these.

Lastly we have the twix Vs the jive bar.

With these we found that again they were the same size and came in a pack of five for 65p.  These are extremely good value and are exactly the same structure as Twix.  In fact we decided that we preferred these Jive bars to the Twix.  They tasted not as over poweringly sweet and were a nice snack. 

All in all we would definitely purchase the ALDI snack bars over the branded ones. (with the exception of the titan bar)   They are definitely a good cost effective alternative and they don't scrimp on taste.  We also filmed while we were taste testing and you can find our video here

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Battle of the concealers, Rimmel wake me up Vs maybeline fit me

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 Today I will be comparing the Rimmel wake me up and maybeline fit me concealers. So lets start with the Rimmel wake me up concealer.  It only comes in three shades which I feel will not cater for everyone.   Priced at £5.49 for 7ml it comes in a standard concealer bottle with a removable wand.  The handle of the wand is orange and fits easily in the hand.  

It is slightly fragranced but is in no way over powering.  It claims to "Conceals and illuminates under the eyes and conceals blemishes". It can be found here.  I applied under my eyes to brighten them and also on my chin as I had been experiencing a breakout.  ( I used a cotton bud to apply to the chin to avoid contamination of the wand) . The wand is the  standard wand that liquid concealers have.  Nothing different or special. 

The concealer is quite a thick substance and does cover extremely well.  I blended using a real techniques miracle complexion sponge which can be purchased here for £5.99. 
It blended out into my foundation extremely well giving good coverage and lightening under the eyes.  It covered over my blemishes on my chin well and left my skin feeling great.  All in all this is a good product especially when you consider the price.  I have had higher end concealers that haven't covered as well.  

Now on to the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.  .

Again it comes in the bog standard kind of packaging as liquid concealers do. It costs £5.99 and you can find it here
The wand fits well in the hand and is easier to grip as it has a square shape to it. Again slightly fragranced but not over powering.
  It comes in six shades which I feel better caters for every skin tone.  It promises to "Correct the appearance of imperfections without hiding the skins natural radiance."  Again I applied to the same areas, under the eye and on my chin blemishes, but I found this product to be watery and not to cover as well as the rimmel product.  I blended it out with the sponge and to be honest you couldn't see the benefits of the concealer.  I feel it doesn't live up to its claims.  You have to remember that this is only a medium cover concealer but even so I would expect more from it.   To be honest I would personally pick the Rimmel concealer,  That's if you can find it in your shade! 

I hope this review has been helpful to you and you vist again soon.
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